This world, known as Midgard, holds no secrets regarding the Gods and humanity: All people hold the Gods under different names as their Fathers and Mothers; simply because they are.

In the War of all Wars against the pitiful and at the same time “evil and alien monotheistic lies and other perversions in thought and deed” that are attacking our world with their “saving” called defilement and their “love” called murdering. To our hated foes nothing is of course “holy” apart from dragging on with their sickening and filthy existence on our expense. Lying is their strongest weapon and what they are to blame for will astonish the mindless in this world as they have continuously brainwashed, raped and slaughtered the innocent in every moment of their unwanted time in our world. Their “great” past is long gone when they were allowed to follow the Gods here, and their deceit and imbecilic thoughts that wish them to be superior in our world and rule it alone, will be like them: Nothing. While being obviously inferior in everything “godlike” or “human” in any of the higher values like truth, beauty, progression, morality, higher emotions and honour; making the only thing that still keep them alive here is to drag humanity down into their deranged filth by making many people equal to them.

Those, that scum controlling “monotheism” and many other widespread perversions, have dared to call their recently killed and parasitic leaders by the name of a “god”. Their defect and deranged offspring are all born out of rape, and within this garbage there are “angels”, hiding away their evil and low-life identities. (Their leader, known for a fable about being hanged on a cross; in order to overtake the symbol of Yggdrasil, was decapitated by Allfather Odin himself, just before it could be “reborn” to parasite more on this world. This was witnessed by me and others. In reality this will mean that their fake “religions” are not valid anymore. This is one of the happiest things to have happened in many years. Odin did also, some forty years ago, place a binding curse that cannot break on their “highest” leader, a sub-human animal that pretends that he is God and Allah himself, which will make them both die at the same time. There are some other things that have happened over these last fifteen years that will be mentioned in the future. Time has been changed by Odin. Time is not incidentally the meaning of his name.)

  1. We will see the end of these dirty and fake “religions” that have been forced upon this world; they all come from another world that tries to overtake our world.
  2. We will see the end of all putrid ideologies that are to no good use at all. Doing anything inside the Illusion has nothing to do with reality and will soon be forgotten.
  3. We will see that the weapon of junk-culture has been nothing other than to humiliate and slay humanity for the main reason that people would not have enough power and mind left in them to stand up and fight for what is good and right.

Without the most basic Knowledge about the Gods, you really have nothing. The War of all Wars rages on inside the fooled minds with sickness and grief; and then death as the reward. To even mention the obvious fact that the Gods are the only answer to Life itself for humanity and all valuable history in time, as well as our own survival, can simply never be seen upon as something to question.

Nearly everything in this world, be it any belief in blood, the given technology, be it in force-fed propaganda, or even down to dumb entertainment, is largely used as a weapon to change natural behavior, cloaked in fake and foul beliefs; be it in “the available choice for the foolish” or as “the free will of the ignorant”, it is all to be trashed. To pretend that this present junk-society we are forced to live under in this world will go away by itself when you understand the War of all Wars will not be enough. But, it has to start there.

The Gods have been seen, and are still seen by many, as too high and mighty to follow and many feel, or know, that they are made into becoming unworthy; meanwhile the attackers of the Gods and humanity are seen posing around with stolen philosophical questions wrapped around meaningless words bringing their victims existence down to shared filth and nothingness. And, it is still currently seen as profitable down in the daily and common sheep-life to follow what uses you best with the sweetest and empty lies from the Illusion.

There is no wonder why these revolting parasites on the Gods never will, or can be able to, shape anything of value to life. They are hiding everything of real Knowledge right in front of our eyes beneath tons of ridiculous propaganda to keep their grand Illusion alive with them. Having control to the point that they force the Gods own children to blame the Gods for their deeds and at the same time bragging openly about their power to defile and make morons out of large parts of humanity; when it suits their needs or pleases their insane vanity, which it always does… It pleases them to show their “power” by making people into what is naturally furthest from them. Meanwhile; their captive’s slander the most basic Truth about the Gods, again and again…

The Answer:

Allfather Odin and the other Gods will restore Truth here forever.

The Gods exist as every being on this; their planet, once knew by having seen and understood. Partly human, and in their reincarnated times alongside us all here. This undeniable Truth will appear for everyone to know and live by again. Know and remember that those that know that the Gods exist are many and we will not stand to be silent, or stand to be spoken against, for we have all the rights and with it comes all the real might in our world. You have hereby been informed that the Gods are here in this world again. There is no turning back! Be glad! Life is here!

Leave the forced upon Illusion and its lies behind.  

The War of all wars will end with Ragnarok.

The New Age will rise itself again and Truth will reign.




(En omärklig skymt under lövvalvet: Gryningsimman rinner på stenarna.)



Skrider undanskymd genom (hithörande nategräs)


Kliver över en regnbäck (innanför ett mjukt dimregn)


Läser i regndroppar på nyponblom; (min egendom)




Är klar. Klarare än källvattens megin


Är klar över det döda med detta liv.



Klar. Hårdare än sorgens första tårar

Klar. Renare än äktad glädjes näring





Have seen through life and little is left me unseen.

The Now, is since long seen, already hatched,

to its very last drop a home-birded and tired.


there presage moved gifted unexpected possibilities

in the false promises that are ripped apart inside by the miraged

 while just running away from the latest cancelled occurrences…

But, still…

awoke to something unreachable and desirable in me,

as it would be a life without any words, rich with other than trash.

At long last given here entry to an Enlightened New Time;

an age where the new pen cease being so meaningless and mightless.

Wished deeds step onwards. None gets away.

Hear a last warning filled with severity.

All is altered.




Sleeplessly resting in a fragile hint,

so alike a water circle offers shallowness;

sighted shortly and withheld; so moving



Tracing then the water in the forest-creek down to the river.


Waiting here. Observing with a careful watchfulness.


Counting everything musingly and cultivating my freedom.



Honour is never anything other than right; wise and truthful,

unthinkable to therein search after any hidden motives.



Sleeping safely next to the hillside smith at summer-dawn.


Relief comes when Life again will be enough.


Letting fastidious be me reasonable and healthy.



Opportunities, the now’s possibilities avoided me steadily

and persistently bitterness bites memories sown,

cock-sure and clearly; in benefit for worthlessness



But, I have a prevalent advantage in clearest excess;


I am foresighted on the Holy Path Home to Valhalla.



Want to save this moment from escaping,

for it is irreplaceable ― irresistible ―

almost unsparingly fair ― undefiled



Calmed, by misplaced sun warmth

(the betraying), to take myself a freod filled moment


(Wholly and fully as a dumb animal who right away,

instantly forgets, when a little heat reaches to look in.)



Trees, continuing the raining, in a well-aimed loan

compounded with sighing, home to its certainty


Woods, slayed again on its leaves, on its flowers and straws,

molded to clouds and soils service in a secret



There was something well-known…


about all this helpless nuisance,

this here too barren established;

that Life become Death’s only joke


returning to soon be the lost



And while burdened steps cry away the dust of the road

the pouring rain fills an already overfilled water keg



Heaving up the trashed and torn roots

right here next to the old gallows pole hill




Dig inside my soil.




Every glance is taken like a last solidified picture;


Released with the dew-drops in a morning haze.


Autumn’s shrouded leaves flicker.




(Daylight in its rising counts itself as old annual rings

finding me in the uncertain emptied; filled with real need.)




Time continues




To willful use for the eye

meets the entrance by the edge of the woods

where soaking wet leave mounds glimmer


from the same dawn to dawn enclosed


in the greyed trees, the bluish skies

watched and awaited; Time continues.














(Juniper bushes, which stood on the slopes

treads on the longed for forest grounds

up the duskily pine-needle filled paths.)




Feel the presence.




Harshly appears the cold ways

denying cloud covered days,

which felted all my time here.




The wind hisses bodefully.





(Out-witted as an autumn-adorned branch

taken down with the now icing night-wind.)






Hear me clearly; Time continues.



Choice is stone on flowers

or flowers on stone


YOU THERE! Follow me here and step on meandering ant-tracks

continuing down through the meadowland; in just this spring

which now remade by the meltwater runs over into…


Summer, went past reflecting other little summer memories

up here on juniper tree hills and field islands; down by the creeks

we turn our embraces around full-grown wild strawberry ditches



The water-mirror slumbered stuck further down in the old hollow

with its pine-needles and dust swimming on after― So prettily teasing


We will see invisibly lifted stone shards there behind the glade

by saddened hardened in each corner ― Yet they’re playing



The views are here allowed to be us stretched far and wide,

reachable, for us hastily taken in right before…


Autumn, a scent around blot wood and mushrooms in damp moss

from a silent hiding-place where one single leaf has hanged itself on;

following true life-gladness in search after worth seeing; stainless.



It died down meanwhile the river silenced below the ridge

and beside me sat a frosted fog denseness in a smile;

in its cold and snowfilled winterarms winterfairest shine



We return home inside the soll!


We strike forward our years on mountains!


We break Earth’s veins!



Where fallow stayed accessible for years

gleaming in its coldest nightstones; calling

inside the forests snow-covered darkness

as night grew all its frost ready; to cling


Watching the remains sunken down in blood.


(My intensive double eyes

telling about my earlier lives,

remember now my clearest traces.)



Following my longings impossible demands,




which never at any time will caress;

cutting a heart that thought too hard; My grave.



And all my beauty is now dead, as yours,

which in all of you so wrench and aggrieve



Missing me. My longing is cured.


I am the new essence matured.



Extinguishing all my wounds suffering,

and awake, afore beauty dies, once more.