(I am bored with my attempts to translate this poem into proper  English. I will just publish it as it is for now and hope for help… I am fully aware that it is more or less word by word translations that I do of my own work, which others might find “wrong”, but I do work with higher set goals.)


Dream me in rowanwreathed Autumnforest days

there shimmering cling near the sleeping fields

meanwhile a broken mist stumbles, lifts ― Rises


And a silent rain sweeps ― The bonfire hisses


Travelling mist covered

And soon it dawns again  ― Again


Watching wilderness, playing with dry leaves,

eating my thistles carefully and gifting smiles

beneath days of past grayish skies mirrored


And have alone been stuck ― Where Time stopped


The almost unnoticed waves in the mountain creek

listens near by to the pleasing small drops of rain,

watching the forest thin in slow pace with Autumn

and knew that the leaves would fall here ― Again


Travelling mist covered ― Traceless

Soon it dawns again ― Again


Reached an early marsh in its slow leaf falling,

herein may serenity caress and milden


You, Autumnland, are Death´s lost portent


And soon a Winternightwind was heard calling



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