I could save you some years of hard work here and there if you would care to listen. I have studied the junk-society with my real knowledge for these last two decades. Correcting all the mistakes for “fun” in most of the written and unwritten material, looking at the propaganda from our foes in different constructions and lies, crying at and sneering at controlled debates in the media and much more… Rarely could there be found a thought that was worth thinking. Or a mind that could really think in this middle-age, it is sad but true. I already knew how the behind the scenes in this world work since long ago, but it really is worsening day by day. If your crime statistics can be constructed to say otherwise, then you don’t know what crimes I am speaking about here…

I took some “working vacations” and studied what is wrong up-close; also went and searched here and there a few times during the years. It gave less than nothing as it truly is a big nothingness we see in the mainstream society. Experience is overrated, believe me. Outside the Truth, that would be outside the Knowledge of the Gods and the worlds, there is just the made of dirt and their lies to warn this world about. Not that most people would listen and get their own life, as most of them are brainwashed into not caring for what is right or wrong; and as long as it’s not presented on TV as correct to follow. You have to talk nicely to these people or their ears will shut down. I will let others do that sweet talking. I will not bother with them in person anymore. I do care about these people at their core, I just cannot stand their current sickness, that is why I only write for the sane instead. You will not be seeing me on TV. I am way too high up for that.

The real New Age, or rather: New Time, is of course the Gods coming back here to Midgard, that is known as “Asatru”. That is more or less the explanation everyone need. There is no point in commenting on the matter much more.


Anyway…, let me just state that our foe surt is still forced to come up with something “new”: “A lie that is bigger than the Gods Truth”, as their filthy “monotheistic” weapons will be crushed completely and with it the retarded ideologies that went with the Illusion that was built on others trust and blood. No difference to be found anywhere in all crap they make, they become the same kind of scum pretending to hold water. Our foe is still trying out different lies inside the fake “New Age” to see what will do most damage to our world. When it all finally will fail they have at least spread around their names in it, a little here and there as it would be invisible where the whole “New Age-garbage” came from… Trying to force people to remember them, but this will gladly not happen anyway. The few thousand that still have a little interest in the ridiculous and fake “New Age” are left to look for loop-holes to explain away all the mistakes and lies they sell as venom. Explaining away anything would be quite easy for them as they live on their lying and twisting truth as their profession. We with Knowledge can safely say that there is nothing to be found in that stealing and misusing of the Gods worlds and cultures; owned as well by the people that had and have higher knowledge, twisting “New Age” into an untouchable mess for any sane being. Just avoid it at any cost.

The lies spread around in the fake “New Age” may for some look like “white lies”, as they’re there to prevent our foe from looking like the pervert and liar he really is, and making another fake foe, like they always do. This time it will be “from the stars”… By the way, we are life from the star called the Sun that gives this world its light. We are Sons of the Sun God and it is embodied in Odin as a symbol under various names in all our cultures. We come from the Star. The shining light that gives us all Life here; the Sun. Do you understand? The current ridiculous being they have promoted as being their foe for thousands of years is our foe, that fake will not be working for long anymore, I can promise you that. This present society is far worse than death to live in. It is keeping people from having any real honour and intellect and then calling it their free will and progression… And that has worked for our foe through the ages with different angles, which is just unbelievable… It is so unbelievable that it is the Illusion itself.

These are more or less still cavemen, as anyone can see, that we are speaking about who are greatly helped, and used by higher beings that try to invade and conquer our world. They do see people like objects and as “dirty animals” compared to their “greatness”; but they are not that big and great and they are as much part animal as any other “alien” or “human” out there. To imply that the Gods are alien beings from other planets is only partly true. Reality is that the Gods grown themselves deserving in a long tradition and have parented many other beings in other worlds at the same time. Much has come from this world that have aided and built other worlds. We are of course all part of alien and animal life through the Gods blood. Did anyone really not know that?

There is something very wrong with our foe and his “gen-ethics”, that is for certain. He owns absolutely nothing in this world and his only “creation” left here is the dirty seed through some “women” that he managed to rape in the past. Everything he uses is stolen; a filthy nothing that preys on others work and he will refuse to acknowledge and understand that he is just an inferior puppet. So, we must help jehobah understand this fact in his last days alive the only way he is able to understand. Do not feel sorry for him. Give that monster nothing.

(A “lie” is of course a scythe. Not to be confused with a Scythian… What we are speaking about here, and for convenience call a “lie”, is a non-truth. Just to let you understand.)


We all have one life to share and spare with us in our own life. Life is not some kind of a magical test that is just here to aid a bigger cause set above from the Gods… Forget that. We are not “paying” for any kind of “karma” in some kind of levelling of all life to be victims of being pitiful and mediocre in a positive and negative balance.

As an example from reality: If an accident happens, arranged to make the victim a complete fool by placing in visions that he can spread a message of the “light” he saw, it is just not reality. It is much like our foe and the geeky and faked “spirit possessions” they perform when it will seem to be needed for other causes; like strengthening all the lies they live on. A “spirit”, or in some cases a person with some powers or just some lent in powers, will pretend to be this invisible evil. It is often done in a comic book way, playing a charade out of useful boredom… Then they will get one of their so called mindless “priests”, or some kind of “new age-spirit-chaser”, to win over this “evil being”. It will prove what for this world? That they really are good and stronger than evil? Right… Never wondered why this evil nonsense they still are able to pull in our society and its attached junk-culture attract so ridiculously few? And that is what our foe really is fighting so hard? A bunch of dumb and insane freaks that extremely few wish to have anything to do with? They must really be insane those evil guys if they actually believe they stand a chance to win the War of all Wars… Well, it really proves they are on the good side against what must be the supreme evil, or in reality the supreme good; like We truly are. We are their “evil enemies”, of course. The difference is that we own this world and have all the rights here. Try some common sense and use it in all honour. It might be good to try it once or twice. While at it get a life living in realities.

Our foe will hide most of his evil in “good”. By that not only their tactic to pretend to be good, and training people to be false while getting increasingly sicker and extremely filthy on the inside and the outside from the lies they live in; in order to make even more weakness and evil deeds in their daily life and against our world. The main thing is that our foe actually do a lot that would to the ignorant mind seem to be good, on the surface that is. (The list is quite endless on these constructions to parasite. More or less they have taken complete control over many governments, companies, institutions, etc. These are unknowingly working for destroying countries and our own cultures from the Gods in order for a mono-non-cultural society to take shape that is helpless and cannot do anything right; the victims are incapable to fight anything at all. The junk-society is now completely powerless in reality and few worthy warriors are able to arise and defend our world. That is of course the plan of making people weak and dumb. It hurts me to say this: It is easy to murder this mono-non-cultural joke, or as the victimized call it: multi-cultural society, where no real culture is to be found anywhere. Already now the easy control is slaughtering inside this garbage society forced on “the western society”, and it is copied on the rest of the world for the same reason. China and India is next in line to be completely confused and used, making the men weak and the women into imbecilic whores. It is rotten to the core. People will now do whatever they are manipulated and led to; as long it’s considered normal for their identity… I personally refuse to call any of these kind of people human anymore, simply because there is too little real human left in their behaviour. Our foes are blaming all this filth in the world on the Gods. Well, someone really is doing this evil to our world. I am very sure it is not our Gods… It is calculated evil in progress. You have to know there is a plan behind to see what is very obvious. Our foe is a professional parasite on this world since a few thousand years ago when he was born. Especially the “western society” where he is inferior in all values you might think of; especially higher morals and beauty. His inferiority fuels his deranged hate as he is vain for no real reason. He has lied, used people, raped and murdered, to the extent that we all will know it as the worst horror and tragedy in the history of the universe. Anything else dwarfs to nothing in comparison to these crimes.


We choose to reincarnate in life’s that will seem to be the very best for us to live. At times the life we do get can get so bad that nobody would want to live in it, regardless what the gain would be. We do destroy others life’s and are getting our lives destroyed in the War of all Wars. Myself being a prime example of a destroyed life where many people close to me or just around me has been cursed, raped, violated and murdered. We are now forced down to be just the defenders more than the aggressors, but that must change soon or we are dead. It is so much easier to drag down than build up, which is sad. We are in a real war all around us and if you have not seen it by now; then you are a victim of it.

The reincarnated are targeted. They are easily the most valuable people as all of them have more life experience and “depth” in them and could, if not dragged down and hindered, make some real impact. But, too often they can get confused into believing whatever as their families will often get afraid of the new person suddenly appearing at age four or five, and this together with the society we have to live under, will soon be forcing them down to the average low-level of understanding and knowledge. One sad trick that is in progress inside the fake “New Age” is to make the reincarnated believe that we are from other planets…, and the state of this world makes that very easy to wish for, that our superiority in mind compared to most around us, can be given that plausible explanation. Thing is that most of the reincarnated do not remember much, and the little they do remember might as well be pictures planted there to spread a false message. It all depends on who you are. Having lived thousands of years can mean nothing at all if you forget it, or you just did not get to know much. I have had some extra help through the years and if there is anyone that will really doubt anything until proven, then that would be me. It can be preferred to not be reincarnated. I have really wished for that. Not carrying around an old name and problems from someone else.

Our friends and foes from other worlds that come here now and then, some doing the same tactic as people who are, or for some really obscure psychological reason wish to believe they are, reincarnated: “Please, do not see us as Gods.” Well, nobody has ever seen them as any “gods”, that is for sure… Everyone would see them as creepy looking freaks that will cause people to get shocked. Be it that some beings hide behind a stone in the woods or come in a UFO; we can be their brothers… Well, yeah, some of them can claim that they are our kin. Some others cannot have that honour.

Truth be told, my dearest friends, this world is at the moment behind in progression in many aspects as we all know it has been stopped by the foes of the Gods in time after time. We are not less in intelligence or progression than the other worlds in general; when we do get the Knowledge back that belongs to us in our world… Then, and only then, we will start to do some real good work.




Det är verkligen ingen gömd, eller ens för flertalet glömd, hemlighet i självklarheten att Världarna och Gudarna existerar. Detta är det mest upprepade och samtidigt det tydligaste svaret världshistorien har ägt att förvalta och erbjuda våra liv. Det enda Vetandet, vilket ständigt påstås vara nästintill omöjligt att få bekräftat, är lämnat mänskligheten mer övertydligt än någonting annat. Det mest sannolika och det enda värdefulla är sant.

Den nya tid vilken snart inträder, eller snarare delvis återinträder för flertalet, är ett i ledet av Gudarnas reinkarnationer, vilket närmast som en lag och regel snart kommer att fortsätta att forma vår värld. Denna gång, det måste nämnas, har detta dock varit betydligt svårare att manifesteras tydligt då de tidigare reinkarnationerna av “De Sju Gudarna” misslyckades att visa sig för omvärlden, för omkring fyrahundra år sedan. Den som vill söka i Vetandet kommer tydligt att se omvälvningarna vilka har skett under tusentals år tillbaka inom folkslagen och kulturerna i alla världsdelar som klockslag. Dessa milt sagt omvälvande händelser har satt spår ingen längre fortsatt ska kunna ignorera eller dölja över med några slags smutsiga och simpla manipulationer. 

Vetandet och traditionernas verkliga nytta kommer att återföras till vår påminnelse och med detta följer en ständig förbättring och förnyelse av denna värld. Skapandet av högkulturer, och ett korrekt återställande av Vetandet, eller Kunskapen om man så önskar, är onekligen i ett skriande behov för återupprättandet av mänsklighetens enda möjliga väg tillbaka till en sund ära och livsvärdighet. Medvetandet om Gudarnas existens är även det enda självförsvaret till mänsklighetens överlevnad. Som alltid kommer dessa mycket enkla och tydliga faktum att försöka motarbetas på alla upptänkliga sätt i Striden.

Okunnigheten är ett dödligt vapen och därmed vår starkaste inre fiende, vilken redan utfört vad som borde vara fullständigt otänkbart i samtliga länder, inne i våra egna samhällen. Striden verkar ständigt i det öppna och fördolda med vissa människor, eller varelser om så önskas, vilka är i stort sett ovetande spelpjäser där de små delarna av Sanningen är närmast ingenting värt för dessa fiendens brukade slödder då detta inbegriper faktumet att de därmed sorgligen är ingenting och saknar rättigheter i vår värld. Vi är samtliga tvunget involverade deltagare i Striden, vilket sammanfattningsvis handlar om Makten över vår gemensamma tillvaro; våra liv eller vår död.

Världen liknar nu mest något gjort för att snara alla som söker Vetande och frihet. Men, även detta är en skenbar föreställning riktad mot de fattiga i kunskap och den tiden är snart blott ett vekt minne. Siandets möjligheter att i förtid uppställa efterkonstruktioner har utnyttjats till det maximala och visat sig vara ett oerhört starkt vapen. Onekligen har Viet lidit svåra nederlag tillräckligt och länge nog. Men, vi har nu största nyttan av ett sant, verkligt och fungerande siande fram till Ragnarök.

Det finns inget val. Bortom Gudarnas hägn finns endast smuts, dumhet, lidande och slutgiltig död.

Vi måste samtliga hålla våra liv vakna inom Vetandet om Gudarna och Striden.




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Interview with 1 SIGFRIDSSON on his birthday.

Tell me about your upcoming books.

It will be two books with poetry. Little bits of Knowledge in it here and there. Then there is another book that is on hold, maybe it will be cut up and posted on a homepage. We will see. My chances of becoming a ”established writer” are drained anyway. Not that I would even care to wish for that.

Today most writers try to get their share of egoistical recognition with pointless provocations while they drag themselves and the recipients further down the spiral. At this point in time I have the choice of writing meaningless poetry for a few or do poetry that is clever for less than a few. I don´t stand a chance in this helpless and hopeless society. The warped illusions are so overwhelming in this world. There will be a demand for my writing when conformity and normality will become fairly sane again.

What are your plans for the future?

I wish to be more pretentious. Then simply to separate the high from the low forever. I write everything for the future and my future is already done.

You worked with music before. Wish to tell us something about that?

Not really. I had a small and independent production company that released some records and organized concerts. Did that for a couple of years and I worked in a mix between DIY and semi-professional. I honestly regret every second of it. A total of ten years of my life down the drain for nothing.

Did two dumb interviews a while back where I took the retro-perspective on music and went along with it. However, I honestly think that almost all music made in this deranged period reeks. I remember when I started with music that I thought that everyone must be involved in some kind of ongoing joke about music that I wanted to find out about.

I did a fanzine that looked really horrible, I could easily have made it look like a proper magazine. Had the idea that if I did it a bit lower then it would not strain me to better it for the next issue… (This could possibly be a sign of an underacheiver.) Never had the thinking that one should always try the best one can. It all seemed so pointless. And I was right. I am embittered by the whole thing.

I recall that I was against censorship meanwhile being unaware to that people became rotten by consuming the junk-culture. Handing out ”praise to scum” was a normality in ”our” society to accept. I cared for nothing happening in society as it seemed so boring. Etc.

OK. That might be a bit insulting to some. I do see a bit of what you are getting at here. Do you believe that you are better than everyone else?

I am not saying that at all. I’m merely pointing out that there are some key ingredients that are lacking in the minds to be able to produce something really good. I have all my high hope in the future to come.

If we take my presented writing and hobby photography as an example, then you see that I have a quite low standard, partly deliberately, and partly as I hold it to be good enough. I don’t even care to have a proper camera and I just needed to get a few photos to fill my books, my blogs and then some background photos that I could use for a magazine.

So, I’m not a narcisssist by any stretch of the imagination. If you wish to perceive it like that, then that is sad. I just possess Knowledge others lack at the moment. Simple as that.



From where do you get inspiration? What is the Knowledge you mention?

Truth and my cleaned mind is my main inspiration. Inspiration also comes from nature, being the only place where I feel that there is something worthy embracing at the moment. Nature and existance itself is also known as The Unknown God to whom The Gods turn.

I remember the breaking point for me some sixteen years ago. I stopped what I was doing and sold the junk I could get rid off and then burned the rest of my belongings. Moved around, on the run, working extremely hard to find The Answer. I had to practice ”the art of imploding” instead of being creative to prove that I existed to others.

Made my antidote against my foes. I absolutely alienated all my old friends, they became convinced that I had lost my marbles. They still believe that. I can’t really blame them for it. Looking at the society we now have to live under and are victims of, then I can be seen as their enemy of all that junk they are forced into believing.

The Knowledge I have come from ”forefathers” that I know and have met. Also, my own memory brings back much Knowledge. I promise that I now would never say or do anything that I’m not completely certain about.

You wanted to be a writer before this happened?

Yeah, if I didn’t know what I do know then I would probably have had a small career as a writer and musician.

I am all for creativity, still that is not really where I should focus my own time with down here. I will be looked upon as someone who has ”strange opinions” and that live after the ”assumption” that The Gods are real. Until I am proven right. You ask me for proof? I say you should learn how to read history first. The Truth is exactly the opposite of what the majority now are able to accept any knowledge of. I rightfully feel a strong ”pena ajena” against almost everyone at this point.

Are you Odinist or Asatru? What made you believe in this?

Both. Neither. Closest, from others viewpoint, would be a Universal Odinist. I don’t believe. I truly know. My writing will be overlooked because of this connection with ”Asatru”. I’m not even trying to be accepted as a ”follower of The Gods” or something like that. I have no contact at all with anyone outside of us here that actually know that The Gods are real and the full impact and significance of this. The rest are beyond reach at this point.

There is a notion that many have that they more or less need to be superhuman to be accepted by The Gods and that Asatru is only for somewhat ”perfect people”. So, they believe that there is little point in even trying to reach Asgard if they have any flaws. If you are worthy then you will be accepted. Seriously, it is never enough to just follow The Gods with words, you have to work for it or remain useless to the realities of life.

I know that most people are triggered to react like retarded children against eveything outside their current consensus. I pity that they are now made to think and behave exactly like our hated foes. That was their final goal. Happy now?

Laugh it up and deny it if you can. There will be humble pie later.

Your poetry is filled with some passages that are hard for me to understand.

As I stated earlier, I write for a future that is nearby. You need to know a few obvious things to be able to read it. There are some poems that are written pretty simple and without any ”passages” so that anyone could read them without problems. Some of the temporary translations I have made are terrible. I cringed a bit when I published them on my blog. The poems ”Give life!”, ”Stones” and ”Gotsala” are alright for now.

This might surprise some when I say this, but I don’t strive to become a ”poet”. The pressure involved to write really immaculate poetry made me take another angle at it. I also have to say that everything written from your own identity and perspective is meaningless without Truth. There is no ”my own truth”. That is simply ridiculous. My own writing might be ”personal”, but here and there it takes on the identity of the sum of everything and Knowledge. I sound very odd now. Anyway, that is as close as I wish  to explain it.

I´m not sure if I fully understand this. You seem to have anger against society, writers and culture?

Absolutely. I am against junk. On the contrary, I do really care for writing, culture, arts and estetics. Real culture is what binds The Gods together with humanity, apart from the blood that we all share. So, yes, I do care for what culture should be and can be. The present junk-culture that is everywhere is just filthy and it causes suffering and death. As a whole the ”culture” is so filthied by the foes of The Gods. I mean, unbelievably filthied, to the point that it now must be trashed.

Trash all culture?

Junk-culture is not my definition of culture. For future reference then: I took an Oath to fulfill. I constantly have that responsibility with me. Most are partly clueless to what I’m referring to right now and fail to see clearly. They don’t even have the patience to read and try to understand what I’m telling them. The reason is that they haven’t been collectively informed. That’s how sad life here is. If you seriously think that I will do my books, or my homepages, for any kind of warped search for fame, then you are in the dark. I do it to be sure that some information comes out and does some good in the near future.

You claim that there is a war on society that we lack knowledge of. Would you care to broaden our understanding?

The War of all Wars is real. The War is in everything and every being in existance. Knowledge of The Gods and this War is our only hope to stay alive. If you are taught that we should be accepting towards our foes arsenal of words that brainwash and degenerate. Accepting our murderers? We are under the most extreme oppression. It will not be alright and fine by itself. Ragnarok will come. Nothing will change that.

I don’t care if you don’t like me. You don’t have to. I probably don’t like you at all. Still, that is not of any bigger interest for our goal if I think you stink or not. We don’t need to mingle. When people are unknowingly controlled by beings that constantly search to humiliate and thereby murder, then we must unite against it. Understand that they do not have any love for us at all. They are parasiting on The Gods and they hate us all. Whatever they say is of no significance at all. The only thing of any value they have managed to learn us is to show no mercy.

I have no more questions for now. Anything you want to add to this?

I have lots of things to add. I wish to be an obstacle that will always favor the sane. Remember that I will never become what you imagine me to be.

Hold Truth above all.


There you have it, my dear and undear friends.


Just got the link for this publishing of my poem about reincarnation; “BLOOD TRACKS” for the “rebirth” issue, and first issue, of Free Lit Magazine. I am pleased with that. It is my first contribution that have been published anywhere in poetry. I have been laying low on sending out my poetry. So, one in three attempts is a pretty good score. (Well, it is actually one and a half in three attempts, as The Ofi Press published the photo I contributed.)

Here it is:



Nothing of real interest is happening in this world.

For a few years “the less in knowing” ran around in fear of the coming of The High One. Now they have started to think that nothing at all is real anymore. That this world keeps getting dumber and even more worthless every day must change. Nothing new under the Sun?

The New Time will come. The Gods are real. (To feel I have to add that The  Gods are not any of the numerous speculations might obviously be beneath me and even life in general. Still almost everything in life is beneath me at this point in history…)

I do have these answers for you:

If you understand who Odin really is, then you will have the answers to several questions that the low are made unaware of.:

Who rules this world, where does humanity and the high cultures come from. And,… there is much more.

(Any fool trying to obstruct these simple facts is a filthy liar and have absolutely no rights to any kind of life here or anywhere.)




Still in longing our embrace stayed, in dead words,

pressed against field moisture to grow as refused


(Taking our love away from labyrinthine answers on a night blackened heath)


Our tender moments searched in vain after its hold

for hardened by remorse will hope us now own alone


(Soiled and completely thorn the heart in direness is forced to lay)


It is me an unloved grin to reflect:

To life beg


Meagerness have bared weak words against our eyes witness,

glittered in dust´s helplessness, unmoving mirrors: Memories


I have waited, got stuck,

there immovable walls have built life´s game,

ordered the nonyears unwise unlust ended:

To break and bury


Dwelling here


Learned death:

Life infected by its tearing


Have spoken sweetly and touched near the shimmer

And: Dignifiedly hated



love our farewell



Warm up the ground.




Mörkret har gömt mina stigar


Finner inte Verkligheten vid liv här


Ärren, mycket nämnt, alltför väl inne är


(Tänder nattlyktan och trampar ovan skaren)



Betalade långt mer än Livets värden

och är driven tusentals år in i Döden


Mitt namn: Makternas första resta ändesten


Kalken hämtade mig åter lämnad ur Källan

hit sorg och flykt ensamt fann mig att levas


Satta tryggbänkade glor lömskt denna väntan itu,

tigga kärt allt vad redbart varit till Världarna värt

och önskar min närvaro att bitas löst och futtigt,

kärvt och slutligt spotta smittorna in efter betten


Tjänta smädare sena till nyttiga gravfamningarna 

glädjas över sin stulna, oförtjänta åldrade storhet

och klungande uppå vageln sitter tallriksslickarna 

medan Midgård ruttnat, stelnat, till meningslöshet


Vallas genom framställda misslyckanden att timra,

fastvärkta minnen där nekat Världarna blivit sakat

medan dagarnas bett räknar sig kvar sammanbitet

tills vägran tvingades hit; Till ett slutgiltigt rämnat


Ristar bergfast att gjort så blir Tiden.


Vet att Sanningen är min gravhög.

Vet nu eller aldrig.


(Släcker nattlyktan och kliver genom skaren)





(Väntan räckte mig inte fram, forna fränder,
till läkningen, nycklarna hamnade minnets hav,
ty Tidens brännhög är buren facklad i stilla grav)



Wanted a slumber down in the valley
close to almond trees in worthy bloom

Ring the always longed for lyre tones

But, became another

Wished to stand free in dark-green Autumn,
cleansed from all the living years hard grin

To live and die pretty as an Autumn leaf

But, are by mistakes wed

Became rainfall, cold, calling winds,
a brief scent before death,
as schythed nettle,
broken citrus leaves,
Autumn land after night rains

But, can undoubtly love

when there is something to love

It wishes to shatter here

between the gravel and the leaf-age

Finding worst love

the One, that can not be found

For me, betrayal is not good enough,
cleanest love violated,
the ruins clothes
or the own wills struggle slaughtered

I am laid opened, one aloned unrotten,
in the apple basket given to the sorrows
I am so strangely hard, so oddly grained,
to be carried away from abandoned mills

Knowing all waving wind-flowers Sun kissed
The beautifully crestfallen, already dulled,
laid there the heart worn almost was enough
and to your refusal never have been missed

I am entangled,
stricken down in quenching pettiness

I am hidden,
with an unreachable cold-hammered need

I am grieved,
filled with all the days nothingness

I am mist raised,
clouded, covered underneath weakened will

I am glowing snow on frozen stock
in memory’s burned down forests

I am incarcerated, left where blemishes are left

I am a still night cloud, uprising scent of leaves,
that never will find the Worlds again

I am my winnings pulled away,
taken and swept in a gulp

Holding the Tree you know holds your leaves
while we break off the branches

I am this.

I am what you never can feel