Nothing of real interest is happening in this world.

For a few years “the less in knowing” ran around in fear of the coming of The High One. Now they have started to think that nothing at all is real anymore. That this world keeps getting dumber and even more worthless every day must change. Nothing new under the Sun?

The New Time will come. The Gods are real. (To feel I have to add that The  Gods are not any of the numerous speculations might obviously be beneath me and even life in general. Still almost everything in life is beneath me at this point in history…)

I do have these answers for you:

If you understand who Odin really is, then you will have the answers to several questions that the low are made unaware of.:

Who rules this world, where does humanity and the high cultures come from. And,… there is much more.

(Any fool trying to obstruct these simple facts is a filthy liar and have absolutely no rights to any kind of life here or anywhere.)



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