Truth regarding our higher cultures and why they are all similar and appeared around the same time all over our world is easy to answer: The Gods have returned to this world to make a new age; in time after time.

This time the new time to come will be a little different. As the Knowledge of the Gods now will become proven and available everywhere until Ragnarok; and of course after that day until the end of time. Knowledge about the Gods and the Worlds will never again be given any chance to fall out of memory in our world. Any lack of acceptance for our reality will have to face undeniable facts regarding life here. This is our real freedom coming; and it will be good for the good, and never to be caught inside any tiny and useless struggles within the mind.

The fooled into believing that the Gods did not exist will of course be stunned. (I know I was in a mild shock for years, and I had the privilege to know deep down inside from my past.) For some it will be unbearable that they have been controlled by their very own foe to live in utmost filth and under the most extreme degradation. The present state of the world, outside the basic Knowledge, really is as dumb as it possibly can get: Our foe fake being his own foe in order to seize more control through others from pity, threats, a general lack of anything normally high and decent. (A tactic that obviously only could work in a completely deranged society.) These “beings” are making others do their dirty murdering work in exchange for empty promises about a pleasant afterlife. (As if they would have any care about the life for any of the children of the Gods…) It really is a catastrophe area we can see around us for the most part, and if some sane beings did not act against this behind the scenes I assure you the world would be much worse; dead and gone. It is an illusion that Midgard must have any of these “problems” that we all clearly can see and wish to avoid. This world is currently set up to start conflicts that will lead to murder; a usury of people against other people, the poor puppets in the current jokes called “church”, “royalty”, “governments”, “entertainment” and “media” etc. These are just empty vessels that are fed and led against themselves and their kin. These, these made into not caring for any higher life, honour and love, freedom and truth; are reacting strongly against anything of real value for life in Reality. And, what they are led to believe and act like in general is too ridiculous and heartbreaking to watch. You’ve heard all this before on its lower level. Now really try to understand it.

The Gods, or anyone of their low-life foes, do not “know everything”. If anyone could know everything in this War of all Wars, then it would have been over and done thousands of years ago. I am sad to say that there are some ancient set rules in this War that without the very basic Knowledge of the Gods is working against any common sense and free will. (But, rest assured that at least some of us do know more than enough for our survival.) The often expressed brainwashed nonsense that nobody can know anything about our afterlife, reincarnation, the Gods existence, past history, the future, the other worlds, etc. is laughable. This might have been handing down some petty and false sense of “personal might and control” in that senile and egoistical time we are leaving behind us now, but believe me; there are people that actually know much about this. Life at present has been seen while it was in the past written down to try to confirm, and sometimes pretending to be able to alter time…; that is this new time which will take place. Often making fake events that they want people to believe is the foretold story from ancient scribbling’s, and with this simple art of foretelling trying to control our present and our future. How futile…

The War of all Wars is not complicated to understand. The mind will follow what would seem to be accurate and plausible according to the limited knowledge of the person. To explain away and finding a plausible explanation is sadly too common and one of the greatest inner problems humanity has to finally deal with. This explaining away is one of the keys to use if humanity will grow up to become “real humans” and avoid more of their degeneration and slaughter.

We all know that dingbat narcissism and self-hatred has replaced any justified kind of self-esteem and that common sense is largely unknown in the present worldwide mainstream junk-society. There is of course no kind of progression in filth and retarded behavior to be found, as there is nothing new in the state of the low-life to be found anywhere under the sun… The consensus for “normality” is at present in a state of confusing insanity. The only way to look at junk-culture and the present state in all countries is as a sickness that shapes good people into scum, and it truly is nothing more than that.

Acknowledging the fact that the Gods have given their blood to the people; with it their own Knowledge and all the higher cultures is the only way, and I truly and strongly mean the only way for any real human life to survive here in Midgard. There is no such thing as “natural progression” in humanity to be found, not then or now, or anywhere.

Our parasitic foes now live in fear; and hard work comes from their fear of revenge. For their time is over. They will try anything to ensure their unwanted survival in this world, which, and this must be clarified over and over; they own absolutely nothing of. The current situation is far worse than most are able to imagine. In this breaking point in time there will be a crossroad where humanity as a whole will have to really grow up. We need a hard world until Ragnarok. The pitiful minds we see all around us today will be long gone tomorrow.

Ragnarok will come. Anything other than this fact is futile to work for now.

Truth will serve us well in the future to come.

The Gods and humanity will stand united again.






























earth fill cloth



ditches in still trickle


Hamstringing Fate.


Waiting three Sundays.


Breaking nested dusk — Cracks

Opening the drum — Cracks

Frozen solid wells — Cracks


Making torched night paths there black-clad birds dances

while moon bites caress inside a Windkissed harvest



pressing land and mountains home to Godan blood




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Interview with 1 SIGFRIDSSON on his birthday.

Tell me about your upcoming books.

It will be two books with poetry. Little bits of Knowledge in it here and there. Then there is another book that is on hold, maybe it will be cut up and posted on a homepage. We will see. My chances of becoming a ”established writer” are drained anyway. Not that I would even care to wish for that.

Today most writers try to get their share of egoistical recognition with pointless provocations while they drag themselves and the recipients further down the spiral. At this point in time I have the choice of writing meaningless poetry for a few or do poetry that is clever for less than a few. I don´t stand a chance in this helpless and hopeless society. The warped illusions are so overwhelming in this world. There will be a demand for my writing when conformity and normality will become fairly sane again.

What are your plans for the future?

I wish to be more pretentious. Then simply to separate the high from the low forever. I write everything for the future and my future is already done.

You worked with music before. Wish to tell us something about that?

Not really. I had a small and independent production company that released some records and organized concerts. Did that for a couple of years and I worked in a mix between DIY and semi-professional. I honestly regret every second of it. A total of ten years of my life down the drain for nothing.

Did two dumb interviews a while back where I took the retro-perspective on music and went along with it. However, I honestly think that almost all music made in this deranged period reeks. I remember when I started with music that I thought that everyone must be involved in some kind of ongoing joke about music that I wanted to find out about.

I did a fanzine that looked really horrible, I could easily have made it look like a proper magazine. Had the idea that if I did it a bit lower then it would not strain me to better it for the next issue… (This could possibly be a sign of an underacheiver.) Never had the thinking that one should always try the best one can. It all seemed so pointless. And I was right. I am embittered by the whole thing.

I recall that I was against censorship meanwhile being unaware to that people became rotten by consuming the junk-culture. Handing out ”praise to scum” was a normality in ”our” society to accept. I cared for nothing happening in society as it seemed so boring. Etc.

OK. That might be a bit insulting to some. I do see a bit of what you are getting at here. Do you believe that you are better than everyone else?

I am not saying that at all. I’m merely pointing out that there are some key ingredients that are lacking in the minds to be able to produce something really good. I have all my high hope in the future to come.

If we take my presented writing and hobby photography as an example, then you see that I have a quite low standard, partly deliberately, and partly as I hold it to be good enough. I don’t even care to have a proper camera and I just needed to get a few photos to fill my books, my blogs and then some background photos that I could use for a magazine.

So, I’m not a narcisssist by any stretch of the imagination. If you wish to perceive it like that, then that is sad. I just possess Knowledge others lack at the moment. Simple as that.



From where do you get inspiration? What is the Knowledge you mention?

Truth and my cleaned mind is my main inspiration. Inspiration also comes from nature, being the only place where I feel that there is something worthy embracing at the moment. Nature and existance itself is also known as The Unknown God to whom The Gods turn.

I remember the breaking point for me some sixteen years ago. I stopped what I was doing and sold the junk I could get rid off and then burned the rest of my belongings. Moved around, on the run, working extremely hard to find The Answer. I had to practice ”the art of imploding” instead of being creative to prove that I existed to others.

Made my antidote against my foes. I absolutely alienated all my old friends, they became convinced that I had lost my marbles. They still believe that. I can’t really blame them for it. Looking at the society we now have to live under and are victims of, then I can be seen as their enemy of all that junk they are forced into believing.

The Knowledge I have come from ”forefathers” that I know and have met. Also, my own memory brings back much Knowledge. I promise that I now would never say or do anything that I’m not completely certain about.

You wanted to be a writer before this happened?

Yeah, if I didn’t know what I do know then I would probably have had a small career as a writer and musician.

I am all for creativity, still that is not really where I should focus my own time with down here. I will be looked upon as someone who has ”strange opinions” and that live after the ”assumption” that The Gods are real. Until I am proven right. You ask me for proof? I say you should learn how to read history first. The Truth is exactly the opposite of what the majority now are able to accept any knowledge of. I rightfully feel a strong ”pena ajena” against almost everyone at this point.

Are you Odinist or Asatru? What made you believe in this?

Both. Neither. Closest, from others viewpoint, would be a Universal Odinist. I don’t believe. I truly know. My writing will be overlooked because of this connection with ”Asatru”. I’m not even trying to be accepted as a ”follower of The Gods” or something like that. I have no contact at all with anyone outside of us here that actually know that The Gods are real and the full impact and significance of this. The rest are beyond reach at this point.

There is a notion that many have that they more or less need to be superhuman to be accepted by The Gods and that Asatru is only for somewhat ”perfect people”. So, they believe that there is little point in even trying to reach Asgard if they have any flaws. If you are worthy then you will be accepted. Seriously, it is never enough to just follow The Gods with words, you have to work for it or remain useless to the realities of life.

I know that most people are triggered to react like retarded children against eveything outside their current consensus. I pity that they are now made to think and behave exactly like our hated foes. That was their final goal. Happy now?

Laugh it up and deny it if you can. There will be humble pie later.

Your poetry is filled with some passages that are hard for me to understand.

As I stated earlier, I write for a future that is nearby. You need to know a few obvious things to be able to read it. There are some poems that are written pretty simple and without any ”passages” so that anyone could read them without problems. Some of the temporary translations I have made are terrible. I cringed a bit when I published them on my blog. The poems ”Give life!”, ”Stones” and ”Gotsala” are alright for now.

This might surprise some when I say this, but I don’t strive to become a ”poet”. The pressure involved to write really immaculate poetry made me take another angle at it. I also have to say that everything written from your own identity and perspective is meaningless without Truth. There is no ”my own truth”. That is simply ridiculous. My own writing might be ”personal”, but here and there it takes on the identity of the sum of everything and Knowledge. I sound very odd now. Anyway, that is as close as I wish  to explain it.

I´m not sure if I fully understand this. You seem to have anger against society, writers and culture?

Absolutely. I am against junk. On the contrary, I do really care for writing, culture, arts and estetics. Real culture is what binds The Gods together with humanity, apart from the blood that we all share. So, yes, I do care for what culture should be and can be. The present junk-culture that is everywhere is just filthy and it causes suffering and death. As a whole the ”culture” is so filthied by the foes of The Gods. I mean, unbelievably filthied, to the point that it now must be trashed.

Trash all culture?

Junk-culture is not my definition of culture. For future reference then: I took an Oath to fulfill. I constantly have that responsibility with me. Most are partly clueless to what I’m referring to right now and fail to see clearly. They don’t even have the patience to read and try to understand what I’m telling them. The reason is that they haven’t been collectively informed. That’s how sad life here is. If you seriously think that I will do my books, or my homepages, for any kind of warped search for fame, then you are in the dark. I do it to be sure that some information comes out and does some good in the near future.

You claim that there is a war on society that we lack knowledge of. Would you care to broaden our understanding?

The War of all Wars is real. The War is in everything and every being in existance. Knowledge of The Gods and this War is our only hope to stay alive. If you are taught that we should be accepting towards our foes arsenal of words that brainwash and degenerate. Accepting our murderers? We are under the most extreme oppression. It will not be alright and fine by itself. Ragnarok will come. Nothing will change that.

I don’t care if you don’t like me. You don’t have to. I probably don’t like you at all. Still, that is not of any bigger interest for our goal if I think you stink or not. We don’t need to mingle. When people are unknowingly controlled by beings that constantly search to humiliate and thereby murder, then we must unite against it. Understand that they do not have any love for us at all. They are parasiting on The Gods and they hate us all. Whatever they say is of no significance at all. The only thing of any value they have managed to learn us is to show no mercy.

I have no more questions for now. Anything you want to add to this?

I have lots of things to add. I wish to be an obstacle that will always favor the sane. Remember that I will never become what you imagine me to be.

Hold Truth above all.


There you have it, my dear and undear friends.


Nothing of real interest is happening in this world.

For a few years “the less in knowing” ran around in fear of the coming of The High One. Now they have started to think that nothing at all is real anymore. That this world keeps getting dumber and even more worthless every day must change. Nothing new under the Sun?

The New Time will come. The Gods are real. (To feel I have to add that The  Gods are not any of the numerous speculations might obviously be beneath me and even life in general. Still almost everything in life is beneath me at this point in history…)

I do have these answers for you:

If you understand who Odin really is, then you will have the answers to several questions that the low are made unaware of.:

Who rules this world, where does humanity and the high cultures come from. And,… there is much more.

(Any fool trying to obstruct these simple facts is a filthy liar and have absolutely no rights to any kind of life here or anywhere.)




Wandered to burialmounds where the Oaths were given

Risted the Path therein the Worlds longings are carried




Feel the teared

Initiated here to forlorn be


Hard the frost strikes the hidden

while a worthy is torn apart, hardened

Torches flicker, cutting pieces from darkness

Making my leaves, hearing wolves songs




The water called rain usurped

Weak twigs were cracked


Be still


Hear the streams carve the mountain

while wetted leaves chatter


Night rain falls

Storm comes


The rain cried for me


Hidden under these arms of the Tree

beautifying anxiety and withering

with healing, sounding voices


Tind light for your life!

Tind lights for our lives!

Tind the light!

 Tind the light!