It is most certainly not a hidden secret, or for many anything that can be forgotten that the Worlds and the Gods exist. This is the most repeated, and at the same time the clearest answer our world’s history has to take care of and offer our lives. The only Knowledge that always gets claimed impossible to get affirmed is left for humanity more clearly than anything to see. The most likely and the only really valuable for us all is true.

The New Time that soon will emerge, or rather re-emerge, is one in the line of the Gods’ reincarnations that like a law and rule again will continue shape our world. This time, this must be mentioned, this has been much harder to manifest as the earlier reincarnations of “The Seven Gods” failed to show about four hundred years ago. Anyone who would search for the Knowledge will clearly come to see simultaneous changes that have occurred during thousands of years back inside the people and our Culture in all parts of this world. These mildly put revolutionizing occurrences left traces no one can continue to ignore or cover over with any kind of manipulations.

The Knowledge and the traditions real functions and use will be brought in to a new reminder. With this follows the re-established, improved and repeated renewal of this world. The forming of the high cultures and the correcting recovery of the Knowledge, or sanity if you so wish, are undeniably essential need to humanity as the only possible way back to a healthy honour and dignity in life. The consciousness about the Gods’ existence is also the only self-defence for humanity’s survival. (As always these very simple and clear facts will be fought against in all conceivable ways in the War.)

Ignorance is a deadly weapon and the strongest inner foe, which already done what should be completely unthinkable in all countries; inside our owned societies. The War of all Wars works itself in the open and hidden with certain people, or beings if you wish it mentioned like that, who are mostly unknowing tools where the little parts of Truth they do know of is close to nothing of worth for these; the foes’ shaped and used scum, seeing as this would comprise the fact that they are nothing and lack all rights in our world. We are all forced and involved partakers in the War of all Wars, which to sum it up is about the Might over our shared existence: Our life or our death.

This world now looks mostly like something made to snare anyone that searches after Knowledge and freedom, but this is an illusion aimed at the poor in Knowledge and that state will soon be a bleak memory. The possibilities with using presages in order to prematurely arrange after constructions are being used to the maximal and have shown themselves to be a weapon of unparalleled strength. Undoubtedly has Viet suffered severe defeats long enough, but we now have the greatest gain of truthful; real and working presages until Ragnarok. We must all hold our lives awake inside the Knowledge about the Gods and the War, as there is no choice to be made.

Beyond our Gods that can protect us there is only filth, dumbness, suffering and a final death.



The higher consciousness is inside the fundamental Knowledge regarding the Gods and their Folk and the heritage that leads us all forward to our united aim for victory in the War of all Wars. The War is always at work; now mostly cowardly intervening in everything that can be found in this world, and as most very well know of: The Gods always work after the highest and final results. The Knowledge will be the durable state in the New Time; to which all of humanity gladly will stand.


The foes, certainly not undeservedly known as our parasites, have long dedicated themselves with triggering Midgard, so that the awaited return of the Gods and humanity’s New Time could look as if it’s a revolution against their parasitic work… Furthermore they wish to make this coming return of the Gods in this world as painful and incomprehensible for humanity as they possibly can. Their plan with their continuing slaughter, and that undeniably almost inconceivable degrading of people in all parts in this world; is to force the unknowing parts of humanity to remain down in their forced upon retarded state. This is sadly how awkward and undignified the state of this world has become and this is the cost an all too large part of this world got paid after being thralls beneath the foes constructions and filthy fake religions for hundreds of years.

The coming scenario with extreme pain and hatred coming from the insight over how the people of this world have been fooled and forced down will we be able to counteract for most, since it fully will be redeemed manifold with the returning of the Gods and our New Time.


The old well-known thefts of the Gods’ names and the attempts to dirty down our holy Tru have been used ruthlessly inside the still continuing demeanour of people’s identities, identities which often have been made into garbage by being named after the foes themselves; that would be after the undeniably lowest beings that sadly still exist. Know that the foes parasitic thefts can never be called time-honoured and for nothing be left alone with a dry and backwards narcissistic verification as if this was not to any of our concern. It’s at the very core a consciously planned and extreme defilement of our own lives and our life-sustaining honour. To sit silently and “accepting” the foes’ dirt shows an incredible resignation leading further into mental deficiency. The foes’ fakery with ridiculous “religions” and “ideologies” are considered by the most brainwashed to be in a constant and unshakable condition which you are forced to be guided by; in spite of that it lacks all of our rights and the true and sane Reality.

The foes’ lies will need to be exterminated in our world if we are to live in healthy societies and gain our own freedom. The retarded state which is forcing us to “accept” a non-life down in the foes’ faeces; such a living is truthfully heart-breaking and death would be, mildly put, much prefereable.

May our foes’ manipulations be exterminated at any cost. We will never forget or belittle the crimes against Viet in the Middle-period.




With the self-evident insight we share in the fact that the foes never can hide all of their crimes; nowhere near to enough of their committed crimes against our world, and their long thought out purpose is to try escaping our hate and our rightful All-might here. What now remain for us is to act with might before anything else. Parts of Midgard have long been consciously planned to be set in the worst imaginable self-defence just in time for the return of our New Time. This means that now even the high and moral principles healthy humans already own must immediately be relinquished and fully replaced with the far higher moral principles that the War of all Wars now demands from us.

We have already judged the responsible for these close to unimaginable crimes with all rights that exists and it is high time to deal out punishments on a larger scale. It is safe to say the foes now will pay the full price for their filthy crimes against the Gods and humanity’s shared rights. Any moron, who will let it shine that the foe acted in any kind of “self-defence” and because of that would become close to innocent to the extreme defilements and mass-slaughter on large parts of our world with crimes so gross and sickening that it impossibly can be formulated without becoming ill, that moron should not only open its eyes, in such a case it is necessary to get hold of a set of functioning eyes immediately.

The lower the foes try to set the Gods, the lower beneath the Gods they are to be seated themselves. This will clearly, and not without a certain comical effect, soon come to show… That dross had their strongest card in their parasitic talents and their survival in denying the Gods existence! How insane this sounds to us; large parts of humanity believed that their Gods don’t exist!


Up until Ragnarok the Knowledge is the only path that can be wandered in freedom in all of the worlds. The War of all Wars includes all of humanity and any other kind of choice to live does not exist.


The War has given us the Warriors of our world.

Time is now to sharpen our swords and our names to all our rewards.

The Gods might over life and death will remain here.



Here is a stone-hill filled with taken away stones.


There is a leaning larder collecting in what is already eaten.


(All still as ardent as a forgotten memory of a light burned out.)



The surpassed present time is without real answers

and sowing here without harvest in a curious connection


Viet knows what Honour causes, while here now life;

last and finally is mostly for ill hidden purposes grief





Be a solidity with the striking-weapon; Clarity and Right,

and fill up the patience, break here down suffering!






It begins.


Enter to the present time with something monumental:





Sleeplessly resting in a fragile hint,

so alike a water circle offers shallowness;

sighted shortly and withheld; so moving



Tracing then the water in the forest-creek down to the river.


Waiting here. Observing with a careful watchfulness.


Counting everything musingly and cultivating my freedom.



Honour is never anything other than right; wise and truthful,

unthinkable to therein search after any hidden motives.



Sleeping safely next to the hillside smith at summer-dawn.


Relief comes when Life again will be enough.


Letting fastidious be me reasonable and healthy.



Opportunities, the now’s possibilities avoided me steadily

and persistently bitterness bites memories sown,

cock-sure and clearly; in benefit for worthlessness



But, I have a prevalent advantage in clearest excess;


I am foresighted on the Holy Path Home to Valhalla.



Want to save this moment from escaping,

for it is irreplaceable ― irresistible ―

almost unsparingly fair ― undefiled



Calmed, by misplaced sun warmth

(the betraying), to take myself a freod filled moment


(Wholly and fully as a dumb animal who right away,

instantly forgets, when a little heat reaches to look in.)



Trees, continuing the raining, in a well-aimed loan

compounded with sighing, home to its certainty


Woods, slayed again on its leaves, on its flowers and straws,

molded to clouds and soils service in a secret



There was something well-known…


about all this helpless nuisance,

this here too barren established;

that Life become Death’s only joke


returning to soon be the lost



And while burdened steps cry away the dust of the road

the pouring rain fills an already overfilled water keg



Heaving up the trashed and torn roots

right here next to the old gallows pole hill




Dig inside my soil.




Every glance is taken like a last solidified picture;


Released with the dew-drops in a morning haze.


Autumn’s shrouded leaves flicker.




(Daylight in its rising counts itself as old annual rings

finding me in the uncertain emptied; filled with real need.)




Time continues




To willful use for the eye

meets the entrance by the edge of the woods

where soaking wet leave mounds glimmer


from the same dawn to dawn enclosed


in the greyed trees, the bluish skies

watched and awaited; Time continues.














(Juniper bushes, which stood on the slopes

treads on the longed for forest grounds

up the duskily pine-needle filled paths.)




Feel the presence.




Harshly appears the cold ways

denying cloud covered days,

which felted all my time here.




The wind hisses bodefully.





(Out-witted as an autumn-adorned branch

taken down with the now icing night-wind.)






Hear me clearly; Time continues.



Choice is stone on flowers

or flowers on stone


YOU THERE! Follow me here and step on meandering ant-tracks

continuing down through the meadowland; in just this spring

which now remade by the meltwater runs over into…


Summer, went past reflecting other little summer memories

up here on juniper tree hills and field islands; down by the creeks

we turn our embraces around full-grown wild strawberry ditches



The water-mirror slumbered stuck further down in the old hollow

with its pine-needles and dust swimming on after― So prettily teasing


We will see invisibly lifted stone shards there behind the glade

by saddened hardened in each corner ― Yet they’re playing



The views are here allowed to be us stretched far and wide,

reachable, for us hastily taken in right before…


Autumn, a scent around blot wood and mushrooms in damp moss

from a silent hiding-place where one single leaf has hanged itself on;

following true life-gladness in search after worth seeing; stainless.



It died down meanwhile the river silenced below the ridge

and beside me sat a frosted fog denseness in a smile;

in its cold and snowfilled winterarms winterfairest shine



We return home inside the soll!


We strike forward our years on mountains!


We break Earth’s veins!



Where fallow stayed accessible for years

gleaming in its coldest nightstones; calling

inside the forests snow-covered darkness

as night grew all its frost ready; to cling


Watching the remains sunken down in blood.


(My intensive double eyes

telling about my earlier lives,

remember now my clearest traces.)



Following my longings impossible demands,




which never at any time will caress;

cutting a heart that thought too hard; My grave.



And all my beauty is now dead, as yours,

which in all of you so wrench and aggrieve



Missing me. My longing is cured.


I am the new essence matured.



Extinguishing all my wounds suffering,

and awake, afore beauty dies, once more.



Wide awake.


Taking over dawning,

kicking around down in the sand ―

sighting a grey-barn stand among summers ruins


Stepping up to the ledge of a still asleep stone bridge

when a grey wagtail flee away with a quenched cry

almost unheard in our consent of silent wind-throws


(It hurts to be so greatly charged with suspicion.)



It cuts hard into my insight.


Sad to say, I am an all too easily harmed, an turned inside irascible

that been lured to train myself balanced, to hurt myself galled,

be a vulnerable and at the same time avoid hardest pain


(Being all wounds intact and lulling my fairest dream again)


Have ragged myself to come down to the others alikeness;

to obstinately be on exception as an unknown curiosity

But… One thing will lead to the last ― In to an unsolvable


(Remained left in a late set autumn, in a capricious ― In a timeless)



Finally my anguish cuts me done.


It is late.


Care not to carve in overripe wood more now.




Wide awake.