Wide awake.


Taking over dawning,

kicking around down in the sand ―

sighting a grey-barn stand among summers ruins


Stepping up to the ledge of a still asleep stone bridge

when a grey wagtail flee away with a quenched cry

almost unheard in our consent of silent wind-throws


(It hurts to be so greatly charged with suspicion.)



It cuts hard into my insight.


Sad to say, I am an all too easily harmed, an turned inside irascible

that been lured to train myself balanced, to hurt myself galled,

be a vulnerable and at the same time avoid hardest pain


(Being all wounds intact and lulling my fairest dream again)


Have ragged myself to come down to the others alikeness;

to obstinately be on exception as an unknown curiosity

But… One thing will lead to the last ― In to an unsolvable


(Remained left in a late set autumn, in a capricious ― In a timeless)



Finally my anguish cuts me done.


It is late.


Care not to carve in overripe wood more now.




Wide awake.


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