Reality and Truth are here for being brought in with the Knowledge. With the insight into the most solid knowledge regarding Life then the inner is alive and valuable. There is not any other path.

There is a great deal to learn about to be able to live right after one’s instincts and insights with clarity: The first is that one needs to know “everything” before it is possible to calculate and understand the pettiest thing right. The other is that life-experiences are only valuable when these can come to use for our Goodness and Honour. The third is to own Will and Cleanliness for living highly with Reality’s conditions.


As living in a body here on Midgard, we have something more than all “sprit beings” that have existed; namely our shapeable body which is the most valuable that there is for our Önd and our continued lifeform on Asgard. The body shapes our Önd and makes a copy of this. The body’s cleanliness is highly valuable as our bodies in this world have formed many other worlds’ life; as well as the small active spirit world in this world. We can now or later choose our inner from our wished peak in life, but we will as well become that person we were then in our body, but we can from there of course continue to steadfast grow in our inner-self.

Humans have a few peculiarities in intellect and in their emotional life. We have bodily hair and other things which by natural reasons are in around half quite like many of the animals on this planet; which is something those in much asexual and robot-like extraterrestrial beings search for and lack in themselves. That baldness is connected with reaching these foreign contacts and that conscious ideals are abundant; wholly shaved heads and shaved holes in the hair are something which presently often has a forgotten and unnecessary purpose.

Reincarnation can in this world sadly come with an extreme suffering if one loses the Knowledge and fail to understand the Gods protection and the goal with one’s own life when caught in the midst of ruined and easily led first timers and foes in this very defect time-period we now will pass and leave. Our inner may have been here before and can very well have been a knowledgeable and rare strong being, but regardless this becomes every reincarnation a new “fusion”, but in large a lost and forced to a destroyed childhood, or as the cause is in our case: thought to be a completing continuance on the earlier lives. The life-experiences from this world have a quite futile value; if one doesn’t have a calling as a teacher or warrior.

The life value between the differences in density in our own matter as being both a body and Önd is an extra possibility to reach and use our Önd in our body. We can take us through all other matter and reach some of the Worlds. This is something that this signer and thousands of others have done for thousands of years. Thereby it is not to be said that clean will for life and abilities are the whole Life and that it should be a bagatelle to reach a normal functioning level, but it is possible in the highest degree.


Time travel is only available for the few that are competent and reliable enough for the task. There are erected portals in different parts of the world, so it is a simple thing to make these time travels, but to move around too clearly among other times more enlightened and knowledgeable Folk in the higher art can show itself hard to undiscovered pass through; and then the journey is over. Easiest is to search for people that are knowledgeable and hide as a “mute” watcher, One rule is that one should have been at the places one visits before, which in my case leaves little to be missed.

In my own handful of time travels in this life, which were mostly made with two other persons, we found and visited others and also ourselves. We have formed and also prevented a few occurrences, which has led us to mixed results. Have regained some knowledge in other ages, searched my way to the places with natural powers and also kept myself in a forest cabin and worked for several months. All this and more to return to the point in time I left from. The first time is always the most interesting and nowadays the will to do more time travel is weakened. It is of course possible to travel forward in time; which will make that in reality one can be dead since long ago in the time one is researching.

If knowing the end result set in time then there are no real reasons to waste time and power on try changing anything as one’s actions in themselves can show to be the very root to the end result, that always is ready and set. We may conclude that ignorant people’s highest wishes are our normal reality.


When it comes to our “kidnapped” New Age that has now at large been re-shaped to a false “New Age” and is useless; it is produced and consumed by a few uninitiated and is now alike a play in a theatre there our foes often play their part as extra-terrestrial existences and sometimes call our killed foe for “the highest”; something that in reality means: He was the lowest. They also try forming several false “world-views” with the motif that this should be a freedom of choice… And completely unknown and insignificant or not even existing beings are said to be The Gods themselves, or alternately “superior” to The Gods is often an occurrence… These thousands of confusing opinions and claims are aimed at hindering the Truth about The Gods reaches onto this world and become normal.


The long and well-known Path of searching for wisdom and knowledge where most are fully sufficient in their capacity to reach high if they honourably pay the price, something that this signer has done, is what is attainable to everyone and the collected knowledge of the Universe is not little to let in. Nothing is higher.

When it comes to my owned Knowledge there is little interest in practicing in The Higher Art. When you for long have known all there is then very little ardour is in the interest, although that nothing is more important.







Det var innan tystnaden ändrades ―

just när dagsranden kom gående över trakten
medan molnskuggorna svepte fram ― iakttagande.

Och världen låg ― i dumheten; de oräkneliga såren
där oskäligt skräp sökte efter att vara intagande…

(Själv? Vandrade fri där daggen aldrig torkar
och Livets alla stigar visade fram till Oden.)

Vi mindes vagt trygghet och ärligt ägda överflöd,
äkta liv i sköna äran ― längtan hem till Asgård;
att rotfast Odla värde endast Godheten Oss bjöd.

(Lyder mina steg. Lämnar barmarken öppnande spår
innan den första snön snart återkommer som ett hot.)

Skickligt, säkerligen alltför väl, svarar Sanningen:

“Slit ner skenbara trösten ― den är falheten: döden.

Vi har fiender att rättas; botdräpas, i blickfånget,
ty intet står mer fagerväxt än dödade livslögner.

Låt skingra mardrömsåren. Ge Sanning till hat och bot.




I en del andra världar existerar ett för oss inte helt olikt; men ett långt högre arrangerat liv än i denna värld. Orsakerna därtill är åtskilliga: Vetandet om Makterna är en självklarhet. Äran är den ödmjuka lagen. Varelserna har upptränade högre förmågor. Verkligt goda olikheter finns tydligt att uppbringa, men det finns inga hotande och parasiterande olikheter inom de andra uppodlade planeterna. De flesta av dessa odlade världar i Universum är någorlunda “upplysta” och är i överflöd rika och intressanta. Därmed finns där föga anledningar till Striden, vilken för en kort tid finns kvar här i denna värld. Striden har sin grund i en vida spridd okunskap om äganderätten till vår värld och att fienden vill erövra den. (Vad det gäller de lägre stående världarna så har undertecknad varit där för lite för att kunna ge ett ansvarsfullt omdöme. Men, att de är lägre är tydligt.)
Midgård ska renas och höjas till en normalt högkulturell nivå. Mer än så krävs inte i denna värld att ske till en början.


Givetvis finns i en del världar varelser med ynkedom i karaktären. Dessa har lågheter i sig som en inbillad vilja att kunna tillägna sig högre status än vad som finns dem att tillgå, alltmedan känslorna av tomhet, falsk kärlek och meningslöshet närs fram till missunnsamhet och hat mot andras ägda glädje och frihet. Självinsikten över den egna otillräckligheten och det påfallande misslyckandet i det större Livet leder fram till en obotlig håglöshet. Dessa ynkliga när även en fruktlös längtan till något högre och söker efter att kunna utrota själva existensen av frihet, renhet, rättigheter, ära, skönhet och glädje. Värdelöshet, fulhet och smuts blir i deras ekvation till en likvärdighet gjord fri från medfödda eller uppövade skillnader i alla värden. (Givetvis är deras illusioner endast ett medel att bruka, så att de tydligt kan synas vara våra fiender. Att deras ideologier är fel och skadliga för oss bekommer dem naturligtvis inte.)
Självklart kan ingen per automatik bli högre och renad genom att endast komma till en högre värld då allt eget värde i sin enda form av kraft och Vetande måste uppbyggas egenhändigt. Men i de högre världarna finns däremot en direkt medvetenhet över Sanningen om Livet; om Världarna och Gudarna, som en ständigt vaken realitet att leva inom.
Livet i en verkligt högre värld liknar i seden, av högst naturliga anledningar, de Gudatider vilka har givits denna värld. Mycket Vetande och glädje finns att dela och länge kunna leva i och en samhörighet vilken är oslagbar i sak ger Livet sina fullvärdiga varelser.
(Det finns åtskilligt att kunna meddela om de andra världarna förutom detta. Men önskar mig inte på något vis motverka den upptäckarglädje en nyupptäckare, eller en hemkommen kan ta till sig där under flera år med kära återseenden. Man kan även ägna åtskillig tid till att endast se på de djur och växter som finns, liksom undertecknad gjort, och andra skillnader i naturlivet.)


Vad finns det mest värde i? En odlad värld, eller en ödelagd?
En hel del Vetande i kulturen i form av skrivtecken, hantverk, teknik och tankegods är lämnade av Asarna till sina egna barn; då mänskligheten annars ohjälpligt skulle gått under. Gudarna och några medlemmar ur mänskligheten har betalat med lidande och hårt arbetande intelligens för nya framsteg inom teknik och forskning under tusentals år i denna värld. I stort sett allting vilket denna värld nu lever på har ett fåtal välkända och timrande upphovsmän bland Asarna och deras ättlingar. Må vara att de mest avancerade gåvorna och upptäckterna inte cirkulerar runt i några av våra samhällen.
Sorgligen lever andra, oönskade existenser, alltför gott på att stjäla tankar och utnyttja resurser från vår gemensamma Gudakulturs högre produkter sedan länge. Detta Vetande har flyttats tillbaka i tiden till andra världar. Dessa stölder och det oönskade utnyttjandet har kunnat fortgå då denna värld är satt ur balans och delvis fångad nere i fiendens parasiterande händer. Lönen för ansträngningarna och innovationerna under tusentals år är att mänskligheten har intalats av fienden, genom deras dolda kanaler, att Viet inte själva kan eller har format någonting av eget värde. Vilket är fiendens intelligens kärna och höjdpunkt i sitt självförsvar; att endast vända med ord vad vi vet om deras “förmågor”. Men vi har tyvärr format mycket i deras teknik och annat, så dumheten är framtvingat vår egen.
Sant är att mycket här kommer från Gudarna; Asarna, men att några människor har format mycket nyttigt vilket var okänt i Universum innan är imponerande. (Att fienden i senare tid har manipulerat fram en skenbar välvilja till denna världs progression handlar om att den genom oss redan var oundviklig att kunna manifestera sig i vår värld. Detta ska inte kunna vara dem till någon fördel. Inte heller att den ständigt pågående historieförfalskningen ger fienden någon slags ära och rätt ska vidare kunna fortsätta spridas som om det kunde vara en realitet.)
Att denna värld har en “egen utveckling” är en lag vilken ofta bryts då gränserna är något suddiga mellan världarna. Tydligt nog?
Att “progressionen” här i Midgård varit, och är, hindrad av fienden bl.a. genom siande är mer än välkänt och detta ska inte längre kunna skyllas på en “ärvd och medfödd” låghet och dumhet i mänskligheten när detta i sak har handlat om att människors godhet och välvilja har grovt utnyttjats. Det är löjeväckande att vi kan möta dessa fiendevarelser till vår värld, oftast med en påmålad storhet och spelad överlägsenhet… Tro aldrig på er egen påtalade underlägsenhet från fienden, eller er egen överlägsenhet, utan några verkliga orsaker därtill: Var er själva och strid för er själva. Minns vad som hände med jättarna och notera vem och vilka som gjorde slut på deras tid här. Nu finns dessa endast kvar i decimerat antal i sin lägre värld. Det finns ännu några få oönskade varelser kvar i denna värld att ta bort, så tiden för älskade dåd och sund rättvisa är på ingång igen.


Undvikandet av konflikter och problematik har blivit till en dödlig dumhet. Mänskligheten, åtminstone den vaknare och friskare delen, är närmast överlägsen i intellektuellt tänkande och har värdefulla känslomässiga erfarenheter när den är fri från yttre hotande påverkan; i jämförelse med många andra varelser i Universum vilka ofta är för stelbenta och kyliga. Däremot är mänskligheten lyckligtvis underlägsen i jämförelser med flera varelser vad det gäller kallt beräknande och hjärtlös intelligens. Vi behöver knappast oroa oss för att bli lika dessa djuriska automater när vi följer vad som är rätt och sedligt, eller att våra värdefulla inre egenheter kommer att forma någonting “fullkomligt” och därmed hindra mångas lust till vidare verksamhet i livet. Vårt inre är mycket olikt fiendens gapande tomhet, ty de lever på ord och att skapa känsloband likt utslagna tiggares spelade vänlighet; innan de fortsätter med att rånmörda.


I can certify that the majority of the people in this world are at present not fully functioning human beings, and for a dozen years about two decades ago I was a part of that majority; if that is helpful for anyone to know…

Most know that they live inside lies as they don’t have the real answers to who they are and where they come from; or rather, most at least sense that there is something very wrong: What they don’t know is killing them. We will all come to know from where all the lies aimed at humanity and the brainwashing comes from; just from where the foul empty words and deranged behaviour the victimized people live on in their dead life for nothing; it is not coming from inside any of their own conscious or ignorant evil wishes, that is for certain. We must learn to refuse anything coming from the foes’ sick existences and we have all the good reasons imaginable for ignoring these beings weapons, and we really have no need for any of it. Our foes have left millions of people with no knowledge of what matters in life and left without that knowledge they are murdering themselves, their children and others, with spreading their imbecilic thoughts in our world. Without the Knowledge about the Gods anyone is a dead nothing, so should anyone be fooled into caring for what something like that does or says? No. To need to address things like this is sad; it is sad that it still exists to be addressed, and I do hope humanity will refuse to be saddened by what is unwanted in the future, as there are more important and urgent issues in real life to care for.


I know how this low-life-society that is around us since many centuries ago works from the inside, and how it all doesn’t work… All of our countries are ruled from inside the darkest shadows at the moment, while the foes steal our property and are being “allowed” to take over with their widespread low-life-society as its manipulators inside their fake “religious” and “political” constructions; meanwhile some are being helped by the spirits of our foes and their servants with molesting and murdering their already brainwashed, searching ways for everything good and valuable in humanity in our world to become filthier until it is so low that it is equal to our foe; that is all worthless and dead for our Gods, so there is the reason. You don’t wish to believe this? You really should, as it is true. It is completely true that our foe is forcing and training people in our world to be working to gain more victims to use; and these victims cannot understand that their minds are controlled in their partially or completely shut down hearts and minds. Ask them how much of reality they know of here in Midgard and the other worlds. Their answer will be that they don’t really know. We should be aware of where this answer leads.

I am certain that everyone is deeply affected by this “development” these last centuries, and with the last decades in clear view, with our foes gaining control, how could anyone not be? And many are manipulated into feeling fear as soon as any real and important issues are confronted, just get real or die. It should be clear to everyone that the weapon to drag people down to behave “equally” was constructed here to shape the lowest scum imaginable of what should have been good and great in a real and functioning world together with the Gods. To claim that the present state of degradation for many would give a life with less pressure, or that this is all just coming from a free will within and that to live anywhere near reality and have any common sense would cause hatred and wars, is a dead tool.


I do know the dumb and simple people that I need to address so often; how could I avoid to not knowing what’s placed in their minds when I have worked hard with finding and examining these kind of people for many years, no matter what cost was for me? Many of these do think that getting accepted by a filthy society is in some way rewarding; meanwhile anyone able to live a normal high and real life is a real rarity at present. Dumb and simple people will often claim to have the only two values they know of: that would be intelligence and beauty, safely put back in their own imagined store. They might have that in excess, sadly they can rarely use it properly for anything good, so it will rot away quickly so they live on its petty memories as it was their present in their daily life. (Most common among these people is that they are left with a parasitic intelligence and a shallow beauty.)

That some people are intervening and taking what they can from others is a common sickness of today, as little can’t get enough. As long as all these fake lives are seemingly functioning in that society it will continue to breed the dumb and rotten in the next generation. (To think that my own children might be lured into befriending something like that, now that is real horror.) Many are fooled to become comfortable in our foes’ deadly lies, as without these dumb lies they would be nothing as they have built their “life” on it, and they of course sense that it is lies and manipulations and are told that there is nowhere real to go anyway, so they are trapped in death. These are people that should be here protecting a good and progressive society there people can be free with their identity, and some of them are actually fooled to believe that they are doing just this, that is pretty amazing…


It should be understood that the better looking, or people with a strong will or other desirable abilities, naturally will be the ones who get chosen for reincarnation. (What would you choose to live with and be? Dumb and ugly?) Their intelligence will at times shine very brightly, but it gets much less impressive when most of the more intelligent people in this world are reincarnated and have hundreds; some have thousands of years of experiences, and are also getting much help from spirits, and if they are organized well in society there will be a collective help from their kindred. Historically we can see that these chosen for reincarnation are gifted in the form of already developed personalities and abilities, many have been hunted down and murdered in their past lives due to the War of all Wars, and this scenario often get explained to be for other reasons. The fact that most of the reincarnated are much higher up in this sort of fake “human progression” leaves a sour taste as it is seldom a more valuable and actual progression in blood that actually could benefit Life itself in this world. This has left us all with less and less value in life. We know what this leads to: The law of the jungle keeps attacking the strongest to seize power and is leaving the weak and cowardly to live in filth and confusion with the worst death imaginable coming their way as reward.


As long as we are true to the Aesir we do have all the rights in this world and can live the real Knowledge as true equals in life, up to a point at least. What kind of equality could we possibly hand down to our foes who laugh at any thought of equality; while they use it as a twisted lie for their unwanted survival in our world? Real Life is coming from the Knowledge used wisely and that is for the good of all life that is deemed good and worthy enough to live in our world. In the coming of the cured world; the New Time, will people get a name for good deeds; that is real individualism and freedom.

Living in the current mainstream of dumbness there are people certain of having rights and are right no matter what they are and do. They are wrong. Equality is not a good lie to uphold anymore; at least us adults should know from direct experience that it is causing a multitude of deadly problems in our world.

The focus is firstly to be where the serious and real life matters are:

The War of all Wars is about life or death, and you are included.