Life in our world is the Aesir’s to rule over and our trust in the Aesir is not any kind of “choice” to be able to consider. Humanity has inherited parts of the Aesir’s blood and might, thereby is the “choice” already made in us. Life itself here in Midgard is for the various Folk and their given and self-chosen traditions; as well as all higher culture exclusively is owned by us who follow The Gods awake and trusting in our world. Asatru is our lives’ all-encompassing obviousness.

We can also ascertain that the closer we are The Gods in our heritage so is therein the rightful might to be rewarded. This right is the blood in lineage from Odin; which of course also serves as the criteria for being a god, a megur, or a king. The higher bloodline these mentioned offspring got and was gifted with contains a higher life that must be protected from our foe; for all of our sake.

For The Gods themselves, as well as for all that are Odinists and Asatru, “racism” based on people’s inner and outer differences is not imaginable. That a certain loathing can exist between different beings is fully normal as the differences in the different animals we have parts of are natural foes. But, if one is healthy and honourable, that is to say; acting honestly and acceptably in front of the Gods and Life, there will normally be no cause to violate a rightful ownership of land and countries; that of course results in conflicts. Nor are there any reason to not accept single individuals if these act worthy in a Tru-tradition, in whatever special Folk or part of Folk these are thought to belong. That we all have good reason and really should hate and hinder our foe, as well as their control of the dupes; who thereby are made retarded. To hinder the fully aware parasites’ activities and other life-threatening existences, in whatever Folk they are part, is obviousness.

This world is owned by Odin and this fact encompasses our right identities and the real life’s construction and purpose. That he who has real honour and dignity gets the higher life to live and thereafter will live on in another world is surely something few can claim that they cannot understand fully?


Naturally many have lived with the Knowledge about the Mights, as well as “The Higher Art”, in all times and in all our parts in this world. These have reincarnated or been “first timers” with normal gifts or given enough to have been able to get Truth and have owned their own will, which sadly is relatively rare in the darkest age; the Middle-period, as of yet still occurring, at least outside the densely populated, and I compare with the nowadays in tears thrall-bound and retarded Europe and USA, so happily endowed Asia.

That we always shall show our respect to every individual that follows The Gods right and clean-hearted seeing as these are the only beings that have deserved any kind of honour and existence in this world, is us all a moral and right natural practice. (May be that no one can be fully filled with all Knowledge. With that said, no kind of imagining of an “all-knowing” is reachable for any existing being in the Universe. But, has one at least attempted to reach in to the self and actually obtained Knowledge inside then it is more than enough. Furthermore have the faithful to the Aesir almost as a rule owned an intellect large enough to honestly be able to acknowledge their flaws when they don’t remember, or are uncertain of details in their knowledge. This is in sharp contrast to what is common among the scum; to unknowingly and very injurious rabble on regarding things they are clueless about.)


All culture ― that is to say; all the activity humanity conducts on top of filling up basic needs ― is our property to protect and rule. The Culture is part of our own blood’s intelligence and its symbolic heart; here intended to fully be resurrected and hastily go forward with, as culture is a choice between life and death.

Our highest material and “immaterial” cultural values are in this world mostly found in the ruins and fragments from The Gods and humanity’s shared and valuable times. A conscious and higher being’s products will leave a clear “mark” inside them, without regards to how basic the execution may be. (Just look at this meagre article…) We know, or at least most sense it within, that objects and writing from The Gods times are far more alive; far more true, stronger and cleaner in their content. Simply because these artefacts and thoughts actually are that.


No Folk “worship” any waterways, trees, stones, animals or places, as if these would be “gods”… One the other hand some stones, holy trees, creeks and lakes where beings are or have shown are themselves venerated. As well as all holier animals are searched for to obtain their virtues and meeting-places there meetings with the spirits and beings occur are cared for, which surely must be healthy, not to speak of necessary to life in the human understanding between all that is living in our world and the other worlds. This is something that Viet will uphold. Sun, the other planets and different varieties of trees are very simple and obvious simile for The Gods; naturally as symbolism for their might and this is not The Gods themselves…, which shockingly the foe has managed to propagate forward and out of that there have sadly been shaped some real awkward fools.

Rituals and Blots are given to our shared world and an important lifeline as this show our participation together with our forefathers that remains here and is part of the Might. Our only life and its future is in need of that the rites are in unison with their functions; this for our and The Gods’ protection against our shared outer threats. This function with building power throughout the worlds can never be separated to become a division between an “inner”, or of all our outer reality. (The honour in to pre-maturely been taken up to a higher world:, that one’s cleanliness and value is wished by The Gods so greatly to be kept intact:, is of course a great gladness for every right-thinking being.)

Megin is a force from The Well. Megin is a power that can be obtained after a well-deserved deed. This force is not born within anyone. Our own power that can be built up through the retaining of energies is something wholly different. Our own saving of energy for our power can of course be viewed upon as holy when this is used right. But, Megin is to be given another kind of energy, which gives higher abilities and thereby far higher insights.


There is in many a fear, an obliged uncertainty, with to die away from the body. Death is a loss. You lose something and get something less to remain; something one already owned and had inside which will move forward in life, at least for some of us.

It is common and well-known how life after death functions. We have the world Asgard where all valuable beings and Folk from this world will gather, to this world’s only real comfort, gladness and protection. We can take with us copies of our clothes, jewelry and other things home to the other worlds. It is always rewarding to have a rightful ownership and knowledge on what is for our good use. Weapons as swords and intellectually giving or honourable works are always welcomed and useful. All matter has “spirit” and owns an Önd, but Önd is as also innate gift to inner wisdom and clarity that can be called a kind of higher awareness.


That we right now live here in Midgard, which really isn’t any more some kind of idyllic world that is sufficient in its present wholeness; this gives that we never should be lured to search among un-necessary and unintelligent philosophical material and worthless lower ideals that will directly work against Viet’s survival in the War of all Wars. To be “open” to our foes faked dumbness in silly ideologies, fake religions and other things is a straightforward suicide. This suicide will as well threaten your family and friends in their turn through you into a fate worse than few can imagine.
Sadly there can not be conducted any real and mature discussion about the condition in this world among the pitiful that do not even have sense enough inside to be Asatru. We can however confirm for those the fact that our world is by and large deceived to the core and is now in dire need to be helped up to a somewhat healthy normality. That this world’s hindered progression in all valuable areas for long periods were and are a cold calculated mass murder on the Folk is just a starter to realize. There is a much that must be clarified as soon as possible if the unknowing will ever be able to live as worthy human beings.

Midgard has long enough been forced to be undignified in many important life issues and is now in a ― mildly put ― repulsive and unruly state; which is a clear sign in the War of all Wars and in time itself, in the now coming Ragnarok.

Ownership of this world is the Aesir’s to handle through us. Anyone who lives here without giving their life to Allfather in the War is a piece of dead meat. Viet has the ownership, the rights and might in this world and nothing, except our death, can change this.
What matters now is to regain our own lives, our own history and live by the highest.


The higher consciousness is inside the fundamental Knowledge regarding the Gods and their Folk and the heritage that leads us all forward to our united aim for victory in the War of all Wars. The War is always at work; now mostly cowardly intervening in everything that can be found in this world, and as most very well know of: The Gods always work after the highest and final results. The Knowledge will be the durable state in the New Time; to which all of humanity gladly will stand.


The foes, certainly not undeservedly known as our parasites, have long dedicated themselves with triggering Midgard, so that the awaited return of the Gods and humanity’s New Time could look as if it’s a revolution against their parasitic work… Furthermore they wish to make this coming return of the Gods in this world as painful and incomprehensible for humanity as they possibly can. Their plan with their continuing slaughter, and that undeniably almost inconceivable degrading of people in all parts in this world; is to force the unknowing parts of humanity to remain down in their forced upon retarded state. This is sadly how awkward and undignified the state of this world has become and this is the cost an all too large part of this world got paid after being thralls beneath the foes constructions and filthy fake religions for hundreds of years.

The coming scenario with extreme pain and hatred coming from the insight over how the people of this world have been fooled and forced down will we be able to counteract for most, since it fully will be redeemed manifold with the returning of the Gods and our New Time.


The old well-known thefts of the Gods’ names and the attempts to dirty down our holy Tru have been used ruthlessly inside the still continuing demeanour of people’s identities, identities which often have been made into garbage by being named after the foes themselves; that would be after the undeniably lowest beings that sadly still exist. Know that the foes parasitic thefts can never be called time-honoured and for nothing be left alone with a dry and backwards narcissistic verification as if this was not to any of our concern. It’s at the very core a consciously planned and extreme defilement of our own lives and our life-sustaining honour. To sit silently and “accepting” the foes’ dirt shows an incredible resignation leading further into mental deficiency. The foes’ fakery with ridiculous “religions” and “ideologies” are considered by the most brainwashed to be in a constant and unshakable condition which you are forced to be guided by; in spite of that it lacks all of our rights and the true and sane Reality.

The foes’ lies will need to be exterminated in our world if we are to live in healthy societies and gain our own freedom. The retarded state which is forcing us to “accept” a non-life down in the foes’ faeces; such a living is truthfully heart-breaking and death would be, mildly put, much prefereable.

May our foes’ manipulations be exterminated at any cost. We will never forget or belittle the crimes against Viet in the Middle-period.




With the self-evident insight we share in the fact that the foes never can hide all of their crimes; nowhere near to enough of their committed crimes against our world, and their long thought out purpose is to try escaping our hate and our rightful All-might here. What now remain for us is to act with might before anything else. Parts of Midgard have long been consciously planned to be set in the worst imaginable self-defence just in time for the return of our New Time. This means that now even the high and moral principles healthy humans already own must immediately be relinquished and fully replaced with the far higher moral principles that the War of all Wars now demands from us.

We have already judged the responsible for these close to unimaginable crimes with all rights that exists and it is high time to deal out punishments on a larger scale. It is safe to say the foes now will pay the full price for their filthy crimes against the Gods and humanity’s shared rights. Any moron, who will let it shine that the foe acted in any kind of “self-defence” and because of that would become close to innocent to the extreme defilements and mass-slaughter on large parts of our world with crimes so gross and sickening that it impossibly can be formulated without becoming ill, that moron should not only open its eyes, in such a case it is necessary to get hold of a set of functioning eyes immediately.

The lower the foes try to set the Gods, the lower beneath the Gods they are to be seated themselves. This will clearly, and not without a certain comical effect, soon come to show… That dross had their strongest card in their parasitic talents and their survival in denying the Gods existence! How insane this sounds to us; large parts of humanity believed that their Gods don’t exist!


Up until Ragnarok the Knowledge is the only path that can be wandered in freedom in all of the worlds. The War of all Wars includes all of humanity and any other kind of choice to live does not exist.


The War has given us the Warriors of our world.

Time is now to sharpen our swords and our names to all our rewards.

The Gods might over life and death will remain here.



Har en fotoutställning hos Café Jernvägen i Sala. Startar idag den 9.1.46 och pågår fram till den 9.1.47. Om du är extremt intresserad så får du ta dig dit. Annars kan du avnjuta min video från detta års kulturella händelse i Sverige.1 SIGFRIDSSON DUSSINFOTO (1 TJOG BILDER)




Bonus, den fyra år gamla affischen från min tidigare fotoutställning i Delphi:




I lived my life for more than a decade without clarity in my identity and my Knowledge; without much of any thoughts about ideals or truth, for forced upon reasons. I might as well have been dead. I did not have any kind of ideal in mind at all and to explain away this would be insulting to the current and normal low-life; if that could be insulted, for I did not find much in anyone or anything I could admire, or just find any kind of “respect” for.

The ideals that I now hold, again, since close to nineteen years back, are based on what I recall from past life’s experiences: Truth, honour and my name. With side dishes as gladness, strength, knowledge, intellect, you know the drill. All values that can be found high and tasty will make the plate. I will true that it’s much less costly to just live inside these ideals and not walk around as too much of a “normal weirdo”. But, the strength to live these; for a real human quite average ideals, when personal will and lust for anything readily available in the current society is made into brainwashed garbage is nearly impossible.

I hate this controlled, fake and sick society that our foes control more than anyone can imagine. And, I would rather cave in than feed it in any way. We all had to live in this period just before people will get their minds back, and we sure do have problems now with the collective mindset… Should I make a list for you? Many listen to the tune of; “Others think this and that”, and are thus led away to become accepted as part of being “normal”, and since a long period ago it is a killing joke. Also, when blindfolding Life to never see or live beyond what words can hand over within them to feel or understand, then there is a huge problem. Reacting strongly to these words, or not at all? That really is of no concern. Truth is always pretty and everything we got. Know it. Go and live it. Words are nothing if never lived, as I’m sure you know.

I am from Uppsala, which is the strongest place there is for identity in this world, being the place of Odin and the Gods since way back in time. But, as everywhere the identity “on the street” is taken from days and times gone by. When I visit or live in my hometown, every now and then, I see people that wish to have their identity shared in some way; most notably have some part of the Viking Age and walking around in “Old Uppsala” to gather strength and honour from the last time real humans could be the normality. Any strength and honour shared from a past that would transfer without having any strong and active belief in the Gods; or even knowing what bloodlines, or even down to what Folk they are part of, is unlikely to give much. (Some of us of course know from other sources where we belong.) Anyway, this kind of identity reminds me a bit of the “We went to the moon-thing”. I remember hearing this motivational reminder a lot in school when I was younger, so we all had to think back sitting in Apollo 11 and looking out the window back to earth and then stepping around on the moon… Do you remember doing that? “We” invented all culture and all inventions; “We” even invented our own forefathers the Gods… “We” are really great then. I wish. To take identity from the highest and greatest imaginable is nice, if you truly know what that is, and you actually have a real part of it… “We as humans”; and that is a quote, have what we are and do.

I met this woman that had been acting as a völva, sadly in some seriously warped belief in how a völva was supposed to act, at some tourist spot up north. After that she had “understood” that she actually was a reincarnated völva. This is nothing to doubt. People are helped to find other reincarnated people they can give or get help from in the Oddest ways. Ideally and in reality a völva is a holy woman that is kept pure and untouched by people, her inherited gifts are to foresee time and make remedies from herbs, and other things to help. We met once and walked around a few hours, with a mutual friend, and visited old burial mounds, a cave and some other places up north. These women spoke about these places as if it was their ancestors in the burial mounds. It was mostly Sami and Scythian remnants, which people that live there now tend to “forget”. Not that it matters greatly today as all the old “northern” tribes are a bit mixed. That is what spitting in the same bucket would mean. She told me that she did not really like Odin, influenced by propaganda in a book or two, and was all for “Jord”, that is sort of “Mother Earth” in some warped sense of a “Goddess” that is “the soul” of soil and rocks… Jord is another name for Frigga, and she is not soil and rocks, I have met her a few times. It was more of a thing that this “völva” wanted to identify with a “woman”, not knowing the very basic fact that a völva, like a valkyrie, is a follower of Odin… That type of deranged thinking from this low time when some try to become what is imagined to be closest to your ego to identify with is pitiful. That “thinking” has no place in Life at all. Identities are too often taking a share of credit where there is none to be taken.

Moving on…

I would hate to be young again and only have my youth as a fake resource handed down as a present for my identity from the junk-society to live on. Being “young” is currently an excuse for behaving immature and retarded, and anything past twenty years of age can absolutely not be called young, so do not be fooled. We have all been told that; “Everything is in the mind.” I understand it my way. I see people that do nothing good at all and still hold a belief that they are important and all wrongs they do can be traced to the fault of others, and they sure can be right about that. It happened to me. Others believe that dragging others down is making them bigger and better somehow, without putting any real effort into making something of value for Life. (Do not wonder where this deranged thinking in society comes from…)

I recall that I was told to think that my productivity and producing was equal to my life. “What I do is who I am…” Naturally, any kind of productivity is just a survival tactic. I really didn’t work that hard on producing most of the time…Anyhow, I don’t want anything in life for my ego other than maybe to walk in the forest alone and feel good from rain or sunshine, write a tiny bit. That would be my egoism in full, to get by with. And, I am not alone with having a humble and modest need. Any grander thoughts I have to spell out here and there, as the slightly unrehearsed modern day shaman that I am, is for love and protection; good against evil in Reality. I do not want much for myself, and I really do not care enough to get “a common good life down in the lies”. I can easily have that. But, it is worth nothing if the world is rotten to the core.

My life is not normal by any standard; it is greater in all valuable aspects and at the same time it’s been made into a horror of bitterness. Well, to do anything right in a world that now is so wrong in most aspects, if not all aspects, takes Knowledge and a lust for life. Anything else is of course futile; a time-consuming nonsense. We need to fight the Illusion. Just clean it out and find your identity: Your Life.





Weedbundles to catch

Nettles to eat

Blindfolds to carry

Walls to bury


Life to sort


In drunken swagger after slightest right to hold loved

sifts the funny farms steadily for what is most sane

while the scum lie absent-minded with a red apple in the mug


Un-astute unwieldy ― Wretched,

grubbing in exchangable Nothing,

turns around,

not unlike stinking and staring cows


And hardships small bread crumbs look good in darkness’ corner

while the very finest scum oink away to their babble songs


Retards demand to equal eachother to live furthest down

in clutching after cheap thought-jewelry and life-pettiness

Misgrowth is dug up ideals: Meaningless crass experiences

But, unclean will remain being Gladness’ most rare guests


Weedbundles to throw

Nettles to grow

Blinfolds to burn

Walls to build



Life to sort



How embarrassing you have become,

your scent too near the madhouse
sings its sorrows without any good motives

What wisdom has cannot be used

 when what wisdom lacks is asked for

From the remains think yourself clean
and take the heart freed from words,

for the thoughts upon your path

where no one wish for to wander

crawl down in the ground

where nothing can grow

and carve ruins of the years

to a paltry salary

in shadowlike kneeling,

in self-effacing moaning


Clean tears fall only in words,
consolidated under vanity´s shelter
where they have loved with barbed wire and mockery

to a great thrill for all our words´ tragic handouts…


Words to the sting, given joy filled lust,
to wishing wells´ finalized completions,
made to participating, present answers
Near the Altar of Fate nailed to remain.

Most alike the believed picture of you is hailed,
or creeps down to another backlash reaction
and becomes its own conclusions´ executioner;
slanderer, and eventually the own wills whore
therein depredated flesh from the thoughts sit
as harrowed, in ridiculous unpalatable qualms,
hailing spilling, tearing down inherited rights,
while monarchy and democracy lie stupidity

upon a conspiring and deranged slaughter table

under imitation, unwanted shiny residues,

showing the highest heights´ devised murder


Spring water in swamps will swamp water be.



Tillåter stillheten att skärpa och vidga synen. Övertydligt.

Skänker upp intensivt nära ögonblick.


Tänker verkligen inte omständigt sträva nere i intet. Aldrig någonsin stanna i närheten av slöddret; de tveklöst och ofrånkomligt sinnessjuka massorna. Kan omöjligen röra vid någon som helst del av fiendens fullständigt lönlösa och perverterade illusion. Vägrar traska i, bredvid, under, eller ens en bit ovan det värdelösa.

Är alltför verklig, alltför egenartad och godhjärtad. Men, är ännu av nöden och för omvärldens tvingande skull kvar ett tag till som en något självpåtaget naiv… Har varit fastsatt i ett tillfälligt för länge… Men nu…


Mår ständigt illa av all slags nödtvungen beröring med de som är utanför Gudarnas hägn. Är äcklad av att se eller höra de strandade kvar i den kompakta efterblivenheten dessa blivit nogsamt lurade till att kalla normalitet. Så maktlösa och störda, närmast bortom alla försök att kunna återbeskriva. Håller mig utanför era ovidkommande föreställningar, bortom den teater av ruttnande död där nu ”insikter” är lika med tragiska felslut, eller som bäst bara tomma ord.


Och blindnässlornas sting bränner åren svårt

innan Vetandet stampat hållbaraste mynten…


Parasiteringen, alla stölderna och fuskverkens hopskrapade vapen gjorda av ord är insaltade till att här plåga folken med, dessa dumheter blir till förnedring; klena ursäkter till liv lagda i smuts och efterblivenhet. Och utanför, under samhället, kryper parasiternas ”gud” ledande sin egen ohyra; dessa tillverkare av dussintals defekta generationer vilka tränats i att efterlikna fiendens inre orenhet och själva bli till äcklande parasiter. Straffsatsen och del i ansvaret blir tyvärr identiskt när de drabbade, de milt sagt defekta i sinnet, tar någon del av fiendens identitet. Verksamheten med hjärntvätt ledande fram till manipulationer, massövergrepp och slutligen massmord i vår värld är ingenting någon ska kunna blunda inför. Döden, därefter lidande och slutgiltiga döden, väntar dessa. Detta sker oaktat vad någon fått sig inbillat.


Från sötman tagna tigger böjda under slagen

där döden gnager djupt i redan hålögda

och tvångsföder kväljande misstagen.


Ack! Om jag blott och bart vore en bitter. En normalt misslyckad, allena och oönskad, som bara råkat på att genomskåda högst uppenbar problematik i världens låga lager och snubblat över fiendens stinkande trådar vilka sitter därnere och kallar sig ”himmel” (SIC!) och drar ner de sjuka till sitt träck. Alla dessa övertydliga och självklara orsakssamband vilka klarlägger hur Striden är, vad som skett och sker, kommer att möta Ljuset.

Vore jag en slags sådan som vill tro sig själv vara den nya normen för världen att följa, då vore jag personligen mycket, mycket lycklig. Det vore onekligen en skön dröm för mig att bara vara en något högdragen och inbilsk, personligen… Så simpelt är det inte, tyvärr. Är fortfarande, ett tag till, någonting så otänkbart för många att kunna förstå, något i stora delar okänt bara Gudarna och själva Livet alltid älskar ensamt och högt i vår värld; En av många reinkarnerade krigare med Vetandet intakt.

De goda delarna av denna värld; Viet, de Gudatrogna, ska bli allt som finns kvar av mänskligheten i denna värld. För oss här är Midgård mer än bara en av Allfader Odins världar.   

Spåren fram till Asgårds portar har aldrig ändrats.


Vetandet styr Makternas liv vilket ger Världarna viljan till Livet.

Vänta en kommande vapenstorm.


Ny tid kommer. Slutgiltigt.




Å! Ni så lättköpta, maktlösa och skändade,

infångade skabbade med olusten fastnade,

tömda på rättigheter; Nödtvunget trasade!




Ni! Bortglömda kvar i ett slitet och skämt

Ni! Ögonslött dränkta i ständig kvicksand

Ni spårlöst lämnade vara handfallna,

ni veka och ringa, lyss ett slag!


Länge nog har önskat letats nere hos oönskat

medan inbillningar vittjats tömda på glädjen

där falskt funnet tänkvärt kvälja otänkt tyckt

och ansträngt spillt kraft på ynkliga behoven


Blott misantroper klarar älska vad vår värld blivit

medan fråntagna och krossade löften har mortlats

ty ogräset självt har trängts i törst efter vårt blod,

omkring, och nere, på de smittade källornas plats


Och få vågar önska litet mer än duga till kräk…


Det är mig ändå bitande bittert att bryta

med det sönderslagna samhällets slagna

där lytta och yrande kräva Livet lytt vara