The higher consciousness is inside the fundamental Knowledge regarding the Gods and their Folk and the heritage that leads us all forward to our united aim for victory in the War of all Wars. The War is always at work; now mostly cowardly intervening in everything that can be found in this world, and as most very well know of: The Gods always work after the highest and final results. The Knowledge will be the durable state in the New Time; to which all of humanity gladly will stand.


The foes, certainly not undeservedly known as our parasites, have long dedicated themselves with triggering Midgard, so that the awaited return of the Gods and humanity’s New Time could look as if it’s a revolution against their parasitic work… Furthermore they wish to make this coming return of the Gods in this world as painful and incomprehensible for humanity as they possibly can. Their plan with their continuing slaughter, and that undeniably almost inconceivable degrading of people in all parts in this world; is to force the unknowing parts of humanity to remain down in their forced upon retarded state. This is sadly how awkward and undignified the state of this world has become and this is the cost an all too large part of this world got paid after being thralls beneath the foes constructions and filthy fake religions for hundreds of years.

The coming scenario with extreme pain and hatred coming from the insight over how the people of this world have been fooled and forced down will we be able to counteract for most, since it fully will be redeemed manifold with the returning of the Gods and our New Time.


The old well-known thefts of the Gods’ names and the attempts to dirty down our holy Tru have been used ruthlessly inside the still continuing demeanour of people’s identities, identities which often have been made into garbage by being named after the foes themselves; that would be after the undeniably lowest beings that sadly still exist. Know that the foes parasitic thefts can never be called time-honoured and for nothing be left alone with a dry and backwards narcissistic verification as if this was not to any of our concern. It’s at the very core a consciously planned and extreme defilement of our own lives and our life-sustaining honour. To sit silently and “accepting” the foes’ dirt shows an incredible resignation leading further into mental deficiency. The foes’ fakery with ridiculous “religions” and “ideologies” are considered by the most brainwashed to be in a constant and unshakable condition which you are forced to be guided by; in spite of that it lacks all of our rights and the true and sane Reality.

The foes’ lies will need to be exterminated in our world if we are to live in healthy societies and gain our own freedom. The retarded state which is forcing us to “accept” a non-life down in the foes’ faeces; such a living is truthfully heart-breaking and death would be, mildly put, much prefereable.

May our foes’ manipulations be exterminated at any cost. We will never forget or belittle the crimes against Viet in the Middle-period.




With the self-evident insight we share in the fact that the foes never can hide all of their crimes; nowhere near to enough of their committed crimes against our world, and their long thought out purpose is to try escaping our hate and our rightful All-might here. What now remain for us is to act with might before anything else. Parts of Midgard have long been consciously planned to be set in the worst imaginable self-defence just in time for the return of our New Time. This means that now even the high and moral principles healthy humans already own must immediately be relinquished and fully replaced with the far higher moral principles that the War of all Wars now demands from us.

We have already judged the responsible for these close to unimaginable crimes with all rights that exists and it is high time to deal out punishments on a larger scale. It is safe to say the foes now will pay the full price for their filthy crimes against the Gods and humanity’s shared rights. Any moron, who will let it shine that the foe acted in any kind of “self-defence” and because of that would become close to innocent to the extreme defilements and mass-slaughter on large parts of our world with crimes so gross and sickening that it impossibly can be formulated without becoming ill, that moron should not only open its eyes, in such a case it is necessary to get hold of a set of functioning eyes immediately.

The lower the foes try to set the Gods, the lower beneath the Gods they are to be seated themselves. This will clearly, and not without a certain comical effect, soon come to show… That dross had their strongest card in their parasitic talents and their survival in denying the Gods existence! How insane this sounds to us; large parts of humanity believed that their Gods don’t exist!


Up until Ragnarok the Knowledge is the only path that can be wandered in freedom in all of the worlds. The War of all Wars includes all of humanity and any other kind of choice to live does not exist.


The War has given us the Warriors of our world.

Time is now to sharpen our swords and our names to all our rewards.

The Gods might over life and death will remain here.



  1. Ok, I understand and accept, but what if I am not of your Bloodline, or as a true bastard only half of your Blood kin, but of the Native Irish Gods, the very Old ones, not the ones from the stories, which they have done to yours as well as mine, but I feel they went to far with disrespect to your Kin and the Old Gods of your Faith. But what will happen to me and my Kin, We will not stand against you, but I am not sure if My Gods will stand with you, they have not told me thus far, so I know not, but apart from a bit of land, we have no fight, unless we have to, but many of mine believe in the stories, rather than the True Nature.

    Greeting from mine to yours, and me to you.

    • You seem to be responding to something I have not written, you bastard… *L* There are no “native Irish Gods” or “native Swedish Gods”, and the “old ones” you refer to is likely the same ones as in the stories you are referering to, and they are all over this world. It has to be sorted out someday, by someone… There is a slight confusion in this. All the Gods come from Odin, as Godan etc. as the father of the Goths, hence the name, and of course father of the few real Gods. We do have a huge war all around us, and if you missed that then you are a victim of it. We have to fight, no matter if we like it or not.I wish all Folk to follow “their own” Gods, in the Gods old and new names that the Folk gave them, and take a stand against everything else. Bloodlines…, well for reincarnation it is important, and “blood kin” is a confused matter as nearly all the people in the North that have not managed to live apart from the mix of people is mixed already, no matter what they think. I am part Goth and part Scythian in my blood, and that is what I have been told, and everyone can see. Everyone is a mixture of Goths, Scythians, you name it. Most people do not know of what Folk they are, they just guess on what seems to be the highest available to pin on themselves… That is a worldwide phenomenon. It is a great confusion that need to be sorted.

      • I have checked my history, through my bloodline, and we arrived in mainland Europe, on the South coast of Spain, about 50,000 years ago, and settled in Ireland about 9,000 years ago, after the Ice had started to retreat, after the last Ice-age, but we were in the Midlands of the UK at 12,600 years ago. All of these are facts. As for the Gods, thank you for answering my question. But you are wrong, all of the different cultures have Native Gods, even before the Norse became aware of The All Father of the Norse. As for the War, If it is the War I think you are referring to then I have been fighting that one since the ’80’s.

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