Acknowledging my honour and sweetest high-lineage,

I stop smoothing over my well-deserved nuisance:


Scoffing at the revolting; useless to this world,

remaining in solved questions and hardened riddles.


Agreeing with truisms and people’s will,

when that fully and gratuitously has been attended.


Stabbing dead meaningless opinions!

Axing down bumptious pretences!

Leaving sense against wicked deeds!


Gather thoughtful goods:

Know that Truth, Honour and the Rights of Might,

don’t serve our foes as weaponry

as all here now is owned by Viet.


Reasons for an honourable Life is Life’s claim


Remember that rich owns the Light:

Caring for Life’s Goodness;

path to insight and dearest life value.


Truth is our sufficient property.



Blowing down powdersnow from a pine branch
onto cold, light grey shadows; in the wilderness

(The verge of the ground a reminder of Our gathering.)

Gently gave Water and Wind Life to the cloud
meanwhile snow journeyed in a concern to remain
upon forest hills stones; to be glanced towards the edge

(Finding Now in the stillness,
in a fleeing movement:
All gone and awaiting time.)

Somewhat hesitant break runnels through the ice,
somewhat insolent, asking: When do We reach Home?

This so grievously lovable clarity’s Winterglade
is surely leaving its Answers in the abstruse
alike streamcaressed stones over the creeks have stayed

in the frozen years

Demand our new freedom, as all other time is stricken.FORDABLE PLACE



Remembering aged forestshine
Rainstrewn patterns
Wet leaves caressing the ground

Treading northnight.

Walking paths, learning the craft of wordless validity,
through the moon’s vividly painted forest-shadows
over this sweet silence and wilted leaf soil

Remaining. Now in a dawn without words.

Standing beside the edge of the woods as a secret,
as tired, failed and forgotten glimmered lumber
where sorrows always are in a temporary frozen

Remaining anyway. Stuck.

I am forlorn-embraced,
all too roughly ripped from this tearing uncertainty
unbeknownst my frail wild-strawberry time returned
and placed itself furthest away from un-necessity


Lingered on here under these lovingly sailing clouds
while these charming wild-strawberry in the green
stood helplessly faired in appeal after forgetfulness


Cure: Life and Death.