Choice is stone on flowers

or flowers on stone


YOU THERE! Follow me here and step on meandering ant-tracks

continuing down through the meadowland; in just this spring

which now remade by the meltwater runs over into…


Summer, went past reflecting other little summer memories

up here on juniper tree hills and field islands; down by the creeks

we turn our embraces around full-grown wild strawberry ditches



The water-mirror slumbered stuck further down in the old hollow

with its pine-needles and dust swimming on after― So prettily teasing


We will see invisibly lifted stone shards there behind the glade

by saddened hardened in each corner ― Yet they’re playing



The views are here allowed to be us stretched far and wide,

reachable, for us hastily taken in right before…


Autumn, a scent around blot wood and mushrooms in damp moss

from a silent hiding-place where one single leaf has hanged itself on;

following true life-gladness in search after worth seeing; stainless.



It died down meanwhile the river silenced below the ridge

and beside me sat a frosted fog denseness in a smile;

in its cold and snowfilled winterarms winterfairest shine



We return home inside the soll!


We strike forward our years on mountains!


We break Earth’s veins!


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