Want to save this moment from escaping,

for it is irreplaceable ― irresistible ―

almost unsparingly fair ― undefiled



Calmed, by misplaced sun warmth

(the betraying), to take myself a freod filled moment


(Wholly and fully as a dumb animal who right away,

instantly forgets, when a little heat reaches to look in.)



Trees, continuing the raining, in a well-aimed loan

compounded with sighing, home to its certainty


Woods, slayed again on its leaves, on its flowers and straws,

molded to clouds and soils service in a secret



There was something well-known…


about all this helpless nuisance,

this here too barren established;

that Life become Death’s only joke


returning to soon be the lost



And while burdened steps cry away the dust of the road

the pouring rain fills an already overfilled water keg


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