“But say, wouldn’t you let dumbness amuse,
be fooled to lack responsibility for yourself
and be struck dead for the rest of your life
like others? Like a normal funny farm being.”

Seating myself sternly down and answering:

Find here your hardest eye-meeting.

Misled, into qualm and anguish thrown,
stuffed yourself thrall-bound with all that is indigestible.

Do you know that every dumb thing gets your applause,
but scum’s trash is all that scum will beget in return?

Searching inside after something called nothing to express?
Wrapping thoughtlessness around deranged and led opinions?
Foolishly smiling indulgently when impropriety and foulness appear?

Your turbid thoughts now cling after some doubt
in a strained smile fooled away from sanity,
so consider that weak-hearted is wrong
and filth always did harden your ugliness.

You have already enough to suffer from;
that thoughts are counted as your deeds’ freedom
and that need would strengthen or break down,
but it will become an insight of an inner unchanged.

Our foes construct barriers against the Life we do own,
setting in and leading your undignified wrong choices,
wrapping steadfast rotten meek in your “free will’s causes”,
twisting wishful thinking and gnawing down all will and lust,
axing onward your “self-deception” at our lives expenses
there “open-minded” will quickest possible be very shallow
when “acceptance” means to be carved with the defects of others.

It is certain that your inner and outer blemishes are laid brickwork.

Cry my tears for a while,
but now carefully note that you are the cause.



The period of time that now has passed since the Gods last well-known time in this world is about eight hundred years and it was led in by none other than Sigge Fridulfsson who took over large parts of the world. For clueless people that really have no idea how great this was should study it closely. The Gods will return as said and promised then.

Now. The Seven Gods are here. Then there are some others that have been reincarnated around the same time that can spread their names and purpose by themselves, when and if we so wish. There have been many problems with this New Time to manifest in this world this time, and I do know the main reasons. Few people know of the Gods reincarnations as a fact and if they say anything about it people will refuse to understand as that would mean they will have to change their life, become real, grow up and take full responsibility for their life. One could say that they are trained to prefer to live chained in filth, fear and death by convenience instead of living the Gods Knowledge; life and freedom. Dumb? You bet.

We are all in the War of all Wars, as stated several times here and there in my articles, and this is very basic knowledge that has been around for thousands of years and it really is extremely ABC for any human to at least know that they descend from the Gods. What should we all do about it?, as some are quickly to ask as a reflex. First we should really understand what this actually encompasses: We have a world here owned by the Gods. We have the people in all countries that all of them still have some memories and full proof of their heritage. We have a filthy foe trying to make believe anyone following the Gods to be evil, non-existent and crazy, all at the same time…

We have ourselves and this world really is ours to own together with the Gods.

The Tru to The Gods has come a long way in their understanding, meanwhile large parts of humanity is still left dying in their nothingness. This is a major problem for humanity, or do you really have an opinion that could be any different? We are all pitiful beings, right from the highest to the lowest, if we are alone by ourselves and without might to be ourselves.

Life here is not a mistake or a gift. Life is for gaining our freedom in the War of all Wars.


To build a real value and worth, never again by just imagining ourselves being valuable is here to stay. I would say that in the full Reality there is one value and one ideal that is acceptable for everyone and naturally that is as a warrior: Having strength in mind and being Tru to the Gods. To stay informed and educated about what matters in life, be it as a reincarnated shaman, a muscle type, a real intellectual, a caring giver and helper, when we have the same aim; then it is our Life we grow.

I do hold contempt and hatred for many today and that is not without very good and real reasons. We are under siege by beings that use people’s minds to murder them. We will now have to leave our foes dead and beneath us, at any cost. That is the somewhat easy part; getting our normality back into the world to stand by. Of course, many brainwashed will believe that our rights and any real common sense is “extreme” and “evil”, and their sickness will for some prove to be incurable. That is not a huge problem as it will just make it easier to sort out the defect. Should these defect minds be hated and killed for helping our foe and attacking us and themselves? Certainly.

For people saying that this and that is not Asatru… Well, listen close now; any of your opinions cannot be valid if you lack true Knowledge.


No matter how convincing our foes can become for the ignorant we must never give them back the current situation that that they can be leaders in junk-culture, media and these temporary governments and other forms of rule that now is just prostitution. Our foe still has some power and it was mostly built on controlling people to believe that he has all the power… As well as forging history and pretending to be above or equal to others when in fact he is the lowest scum that exist in the Universe. Without any of you being controlled here there is not much power left here for our foe. His power here is through the dumb and sick people and they will all die like parasites always do when there is nothing to suck on.

I really have rights to uphold against the infesting scum of the earth and nothing can change that fact. I do not care what propaganda our foes use to appear as they are the greatest and most beautiful in everything, and that is a truly ridiculous lie that must die. WE are ONE.




Ever had the feeling that life at the present is a big set up, especially made to work against your will and anything good happening in your life? What if that was correct and not just a feeling? Welcome.

I could tell about my life and the different shades of negativity and darkness, the strangeness and bitterness that life brings here. Nobody outside those who know would believe it, so… Later.

I think daily about a multitude of things that I should do. I have to start making some goals here in this worthless life that surrounds me, right now.  Or later. 



I have been around the block a few times. Travelling is what you do when you have no life and wish to imagine that you are doing something with your life. I guess it is all pretty much the same everywhere in this mono-cultural world, that of course call itself multi-cultural… This upside-down-world breeds the most dumb animals, and if you think that “things just happen”, then you are one of these victims. I pity you. Let me define what culture is. Later.

I hate to travel. Carrying around stuff you need. The strain of being forced into meeting people you would prefer to see dead. The waiting for planes or buses and the smelly rides. Travelling is like eating a huge cake that taste like crap and it is full of fat that you have to work the rest of your life to get rid of. Was the sunset in that vacation spot worth it? 



To have everything and not being able or permitted to use it. Can anyone else imagine that frustration? Ah well, beauty is all our eyes need to survive another day. I tried this for a longer period: Avoiding everything that was not strikingly beautiful. Almond trees in bloom and a stunning landscape helped me with that. Not a good idea. Still, I have done a few things that I knew was less than good ideas; like trying to live like a homeless for a period some seven years ago. The list is small for these private tests on life and reality, and it does not feed my need for knowledge and insight enough. The wages are not enough. Everyone would hate me if I did not try to be more human, so there you go. Love me tender.



Things have been so slow the last two years. To think about being creative and producing is a start, but when it halts there…

I love this world, but this present illusion is not this world. I LIVE ABOVE THE ILLUSION. That is why you hate me. Love me. Later.





This world is a migraine attack. I, it is always I, get it now…

I sit in this forest night and day, caught counting falling leaves that wish for me to stay. These mountains no longer whisper me as ravens. I have no fear to fear. Finally, the sorrows have eaten too many meals on my behalf.

I know my futures and I have seen my paths; the choices of somethings and nothings that can never become enough for me. For others all that could be looked upon as “experiences”; all these living nightmares in those dead hearts that need perfume while looking into buying another meagre meal ticket in a deranged world. The unwanted are living the Illusion to trade with the other unwanted and useless. Laugh or cry?

I really had a horrible year. Again. Set-up some scum and made no friends. Again. Travelled to where I didn’t want to travel. Again. Rehearsed a play that never will see the light. Set fire to manuscripts that will never see the light. Read in some of my older poetry. Wrote a little that maybe will see the light. By now you can clearly see that I am this miserable person without any life at all. That is partly right. My life is playing the waiting game. I know my days to come and what will await me. I should feel hate and love and all the other things that make me shine so very brightly, still I do know that the quality of my life is about a million times higher than the average person due to Knowledge, but the downsides my friends, due to those “other people”…

I irritate “other people” sometimes by having no interest and absolutely no respect for whatever they do and whatever they foolishly believe they are. If not with The Gods then you are less than nothing. Should I have hatred or pity for “other people”? I take my pick later on.

Anyway, being “Asatru” in a world where so many are held under siege in the War of all Wars that they are quite clueless about; Life itself and its Realities, is of course a strain to live through. In the future nobody will be able to imagine how life was here at present… I have written several articles on these matters that I never published, apart from one that was up for a short while, and some only spread around and looked at by some people I have, or had, contact with. It is a waiting game. Time that is.








Originally published 17/2-14 on: http://thesolsticewell.com/ 

(Slightly altered for your reading pleasures.)

I am extremely pro-psychiatry. But, not in the state it is in today. Consequently, pro-psychiatry today really is spelled out as being anti-psychiatry.

In a society that truly is completely warped and where only the really sick are able to function without any real problems and real emotions, then dare to call themselves “normal”, then there is a bigger problem than most now wish to imagine. I am well aware of that there is a good standing ground for a few psychiatric diagnoses and that psychiatry still is in its infancy, but…

Several years ago I spent about a year studying psychiatry closely and I wrote some articles that I will keep to myself. How tiring it was to look into and witness the hopelessness inside this “science” that never has cured anyone. The cure is? Anyway, granted be that if you are born with a defect mind then that can never really be “fixed”. So, we have to follow theories then, and follow all the new scientific reports that change every year like clockwork in a book of contemporary lies. Society is never at fault and can never admit any guilt for building a system that is actually against a healthy society.

  1. There is a need for more separation. There should be one form of psychiatry that take care of people with “hereditary disorders” and then another called something else than psychiatry that takes care of what this twisted society actually brings forth in the shape and form of “dis-orders” (Sic!). The same separation could and should be made inside prisons. (Obviously it is not a good idea to have young people coming in and being trained to be criminal and build a network. Or as some are doing inside psychiatry with copying others behaviour.) Normally I am against “separation”, especially in this “science” where interdisciplinary attempts with research really is sorely needed.
  2. It is all a “lose-lose situation”. The psychiatrist has to claim his identity, his “knowledge” and “authority” above the patient and under the politics in the society that he serves to. The main problem is that we have many psychiatrists that have to act as they are really clever and can read minds and see through face values, etc. In most psychiatrists minds there is a need to judge and feel that they are the authority in control, just like all other small people out there today that will say they want to help, but they cannot help so they grow bitter and twisted. This immature need to feel respected for no apparent reason is especially prevalent in psychiatry and thus they mirror their own beliefs and behaviour to find narcissism in everyone else. Finding faults and wrongdoings in everything said and done as they have a license that make them right no matter what… Especially we who are imbecilic enough to dare question psychologists and psychiatrics fantasies and joke about it are simply the worst. There is an exaggerated self-esteem problem within all these currently emptied authorities in society, be it the police, the politicians, the military, the discophiles…  

Well, surely there are a few individuals inside this work that have a need to feel they have control over other people as that would mean they are better on the inside, proven with that they are on the outside looking in. Classification, or labelling if you wish, may work well in music where you can say that this sounds like this and that labelling that someone made up before. This is something quite different we are looking at here and it is not as easily determinable as perhaps cancer or a common cold would be.

There is no real authority to be found in psychiatry yet, and I for one really wish it one day to become authoritative. The many stories of psychiatrists and their employees using their petty power to hurt “patients” they dislike for some reason or another is just “the tip of the iceberg”. Crimes are committed today in every living moment inside psychiatry and fabrication means nothing in these circles while they cover up their dirty tracks. And in the now; these “psychiatrists” will guard their own sect by repeating “information” that they follow as it would be facts from the patients journals and carefully follow the latest trends like dumb sheep speaking amongst and to themselves in a mirror. As I do right now, complaining about their work, is of course highly narcissistic and reveals that I would have some kind of “disorder”. Well, if you give anyone five minutes of time and your eyes are quick to judge everything as negative and beneath you; then you might be where the issues really are.

Or, maybe most people are not capable of understanding other people. Especially after knowing that they rarely can make any claim to even understand themselves. The great pretenders roam the society and are clueless, still laughing at ten or five years, or was it days ago when they believed this and that… Homosexuality was voted out as being a mental health diagnose. It cannot be treated any different than schizophrenia or cerebral pares if we are looking at real disorders and not what the controlled media brainwashes people to behave like. The real mental health issues are forced under a “taboo” and I care about these controlled trends and fashions in society, especially the deadly ones. It is not amusing at all that their sect language is used to protect the fact that they really know close to nothing about the mind and how it really functions. Be it for “political reasons” or ignorance of reincarnation and many other things. Without understanding that people have very different heritages in them that they cannot possibly understand if they are not sharing the same blood is a big issue here. Fact stays: They know very little about the mind as it is more different in different people than they now will acknowledge, and if not having the more complete picture of humanity to work with; it will all be useless.

Anyone dumb enough to believe that what is presented as new science every year will change into a new absolute current truth that we all have to learn and live by until the next current truth appears must truly be pitied, at least if they don’t acknowledge that they are following plausible theories. Present day scientists must produce results with their research or they will have no income, so most of it is made up and second guessing back and forth, leaving out facts that doesn’t serve the politics they’re working for. On who’s expense is this? We, the people.

The large majority of the psychiatrists is not worthy to be psychiatrists and should never have been able to graduate and swear their oath to Apollon in a healthy and real society. 

  1. I have to make the claim that in the current state of life there is so much Knowledge missing that has to be placed right for anything at all to work in accordance with reality. When a more enlightened society will rise once again and we can really start to care for life in time before we get served more of that depressing crap from our foes current society where everything can be called upon as “disorders”, then and there we might encounter something worthwhile to be found inside humanity again, for all of us.

Also try to remember the insane lie that: “All people have diagnoses”. We are all completely warped and that is the “normality” sold everywhere as a catchphrase. It makes us all so equal, doesn’t it? Fashion comes in so many shapes and forms these days that any truth is non-existent; this in a world where most are trained to not care at all… No wonder that so many seek diagnoses for their identity to feed off and give blame to. Grow up. All of you.

How come that I have any interest in psychiatry?, you might ask. I foresee a New Time where there will be severe issues with identity, guilt and broken people that will really need a real and helping psychiatry.



The photo? It is a shoe attached to a “woman” that I saw picking her nose while we were waiting to cross a street. She had a t-shirt that said: I like flowers my favorite are roses. She is completely normal and have nothing to do with psychiatry.


Originally posted 6/1-13 on: http://thesolsticewell.com/

Stumbled upon a copy of “Faust” by Goethe some time ago. I had read parts and excerpts of it in German and Swedish before, so I already knew it was crap.

I had a volume of Goethe’s poetry before and liked some parts and pieces of that, so there is no denying from my part that he could write decent. Technically speaking.

This book is one among the two dozen books that have been typical for the intellectual crowd to walk around with a copy of. Found it so humouring that I walked down the streets with it in my pocket that I actually just had to take a picture of that. 



The story of “Faust” is just dumb and poorly written.

There is the fiction figure called “God” in it that have no resemblance whatsoever with reality. It is really insulting that a fake “god” stole and still use the name God against God. (Not even mentioning the thousands of other things that parasite steal from The Gods).  Furthermore, there are some characters in a nonsensical discussion that also come from fiction, all done with the deranged minds view. Etc. You get the picture.

As the case with all junk culture there is nothing of interest and it all lead down to nowhere land. It reminds me, not surprisingly, of how Strindberg later used to build up his plays.

I do not blame fiction for being non-fiction. I blame these silly illusions to enter and derange non-fiction and then affect fiction. I understand that this is fictional writing from a man that know very little about the realities of life. Still, when people like this spread their junk it affects the minds and continue to kill Culture. It is really depressing to know that junk culture like this have been promoted so well that it is currently called “fine literature”. Or any other cliché I might think of. There is, to no surprise,  even worse books out there by other “great writers”. Burn them.

Do I write better than Goethe? If not, then I have no say, you say? That is completely beside the point. (It is not my personal goal to be a great writer. My goal is to give of my knowledge.) Everyone have to start facing the fact that most of what have been produced in literature and arts have been filthied, some of it is forged and is being used as tools for murder and much worse for hundreds of years. It will all be trashed as the new time enters. Be prepared for it.

Literature, music and other forms of entertainment must be cleaned. Junk culture can only inspire to shape more junk. I am against junk entering the mind, defiling and murdering all higher values. What freedom does the victimized, these insane and twisted have? To make this world a trash can for everyone?

I would rather be completely empty than full of that litter.


Gömd i sista Vintervistet kom Döden

likt en späd och ursäktande gråterska

och satt sig i förnimman, i viskanden:


Sökte här själva Livet till frände,

i det sårbara, i ditt ensamt döende


Vi är en lämnad, skugglös storm,

trycker våra tärda ord mot mörkret,

pressar nattens timmar; lär oss frysa


(Blev dragen hit genom markerna i mörkret,

släpades över tidsavståndet, stenar och isar)

Och kölden, har blott min fagerhet i ordet,

men tomheten;

har sin tomhet fastnad Väven