Guarding the hours altering; their changes: My prey.

Fogcovered ― AWAKENED!, rising ― Dawning now lifts itself
swiftly roused, opened in the lightsoaked halls in the forest

and all night is missing ― for a moment, ― again.

(Worries bite ― a burden lingers on.)

Wandering up all the Path’s aged, burnt in, yearsteps,

standing upon flowering field islands,
leaving by my withering footprints

and catching torn thoughts ― when spoken my heart clears, ― to remain.

Life’s heart, our hearts; are born matured.

So return, come you who listened, know the qualm cleanhearted;
on hate’s and gladness terms here allowed to tenderly intertwine
with the lighthearted ― maybe sorrowfilled, enlightened Sun’s routes

I am proven ― when your shivers go cold, ― if you wake up.RECOVER LIFE_S HEART



Seldom do futile words about love take on a living,

but leave in defiance its new ruins everywhere.


Listen in here carefully now, sneerlife;

Wrong in the head gives wrong in the eyes.

Right in nothing own rights to nothing.

Shut thereafter kindly your slow snout.


Advice on advice writes a starving harvest

wording a wisdom stolen from nonsense

wherein tiresome words are endowed pity

so like raisins showing the full grape vine


We know all too well that been and had are us a wretch to harvest

so keep all your filthy, wry-legged and weakmoulded words

where all regretted ”love” always takes its way home to be hated


Hear the laughter at your comparing of mutual infantilities to be sane

and find you thereafter that the will to your wrongs are missing here,

furthermore that more than love is not a mystery; The name remains.


Rip from its hold

that cleanest emotions have here too hard been used up,

that the fairest scum creeps in line before foulest!


Rip from its hold that suffering and death stand all near!


Take to its hold

that Honour will outshine petty survival,

that only Truth does own us in real Beauty!




 Taken years wander around, 

too Bored with day and night


The wind hisses,

newly kindled stars gaze


Hugen cuts after, in me,

while clouds ignore and the birds swear


Are then waking the night in vain

and fathoming the moonbeams

over this bloomed out meadow


Surrounded traces of this life 

become gladness itself to a shimmer,

which runs 

through its ground base

before hope is expected

and avoiding

the formed heritage

where inaccessible turns,

waiting, Calling, waiting


One inside all the Light in here is played;

hearing wind whisper itself amongst leaves

in front of this awaited death duty plight

A rare functioning love insight










Leaned against this mirkened fence
are we found equally bleached,
beaten by sun, rain and winter cold

The wait was like cracks around ice-holes,
in cold, unreliable and of inadequacy,
for the scum’s loopholes, nonsensical sidetracks,
refused me to blossom anew during withering

It all carried on, kept creating that ― nothing,
when all of this suffering bred forth its pitifulness
So, show me a memory freed from complaint here,
but honourable shall to my eyes can only Knowledge be

I am the quarry of Life’s faults
with my pathfound steps

Always feared

Always hailed




I have no happiness to report. Do you have any?

Sitting around and listening to garbage music in order to block away thoughts and issues so I can focus and function. (In order to block away my neighbours noise…) I guess that junk-music is my forced upon drug of choice again, for a while. Interestingly enough I have been fully aware of junk-culture for two decades now and why it works so well in this currently deranged world. It drugs down problems and takes down the ability to concentrate and leave very little time over to find and grasp reality as it is.

Escapism, as it is most commonly called, be it by reading dumb books, watching TV, or searching on the internet, playing games, talking nonsense or making useless plans, walking around in nightlife, listening to music made by morons… Whatever. It is all the same useless dead nothing inside nothingness.

These people, myself at times faking it to be included in this for observance, are in this world thinking that we cannot face any higher quality in life, or be anywhere near any higher Reality. These people are living in what seem to exist for their identities, not seeing anything other than their “peers” fully occupied with being moronic. What you will consume you will somewhat become, to others gain and amusement… And that is how it is… Well, things can only change if you change into yourself first and finally. The world around us is trapped in a grand Illusion about how “the others” are and what kind of behaviour is accepted. We can get shaped by our “peers” into copying fake and worthless identities.


Creativity… What a joke. To produce crap might be set on top of consuming crap to some. I am in doubt. No, I’m not in doubt. It is a little better to stay a passive consumer than produce junk-culture.

None of the Gods has produced more than what any human or animal can produce, semen passing on to become blood, and what we all can produce sitting in our toilets. Sadly, that is all of us, these “products”. That is the negative aspect to life down in its sad state. Then, on the positive side, we can start to try taking ourselves more seriously and see what the Gods and humanity has achieved so far. There is a tendency among many to take things for granted, but nothing is for free, you’ve heard it before, now see it in all of Life.

I really have had some serious problems in my past that stemmed from causes I was made unaware of, some of it I was a little aware of and readily avoided to confront as long as it was possible to look away from. To never stop and think as I would crash and burn, or so I thought… I felt the pain of reality as soon as I touched it. Not understanding that freedom from pain was in there to find.

A had a lie of a life for over a decade. (I had some forced upon reasons.) We all have our reasons for failing in life and these reasons must come to a point where they can’t work to hide behind. You know, I reached my peak to no good use at all around fifteen years ago and now I have nothing at all to show from that period. Now I’ve made my current life so I can have more free time on my hands, with writing this and other things you really want. Still, I would be much happier personally with living another kind of life without stress… I have always lived for others somehow. (That is one thing that I will have to change, or maybe not in this period of time… At least feeling sorry for others will never again be mistaken by me as any kind of love. That I will live for others for the rest of this life cannot really be changed; if we are speaking about my Knowledge to be spread for the good. Still, personally I do deserve more and better. I’m one of the few that actually does… Believe it or not.

I would much rather give than take. Anyway, there is nothing in this world that I really want. Nothing is good enough out there in our foes Illusion. Nor do I find the beauty I want in people that others are forcing themselves to imagine exist. I do find beauty here and there, but I will never lie to myself in order to survive, I have real things to live for… I am not really depressed either. Tired and low on energy and will at times, that is true.


Well, the mind is very simple and we can try to live on the good moments we’ve had or pick out the less good. Either way, it is not our choice to have personal opinions as Reality is set above us all and what we think does not really matter there, especially if we are to live outside this fact. I want the Knowledge first so that free will can give everyone a life in Reality. And while I’m at it I will add some real gladness to it all. I wish you the best. Most of you…







Binding twigs against darkness, the threatening,

that threaten to burn all our heartsongs

and take the loveable away from its curing


A young Ash bend down to answer

Flowers step up and play!

My love is for springs, blackberries and rainbows!

My love is for silver fir trees and wildgrown pear trees!

My love is the sun-warmed cowslip slopes and paddocks!


I kiss the wind healthy, smiling with the sky here,

laughing at the curious fox there!

One appreciation of the volatile you learn

when we into the heart can pick berries!


The wagtail trips, the worms lay on a line

A twig is broken by the ground far from a town

Stoneshards stand in a circle

The cornflower knows everything!


My love is to the groves, wild strawberries and ponds!

My love is for mushrooms and extensive valleys!

My love is the glittering creeks and mountain trails!