Just got the link for this publishing of my poem about reincarnation; “BLOOD TRACKS” for the “rebirth” issue, and first issue, of Free Lit Magazine. I am pleased with that. It is my first contribution that have been published anywhere in poetry. I have been laying low on sending out my poetry. So, one in three attempts is a pretty good score. (Well, it is actually one and a half in three attempts, as The Ofi Press published the photo I contributed.)

Here it is:



  1. That magazine was well crafted. The images and use of color with the varied poetry/ short story selections was not overdone and yet of interest. Congrats to you. Your piece looked great and the story of the poem reminds me of the beautiful John Prine song “Lake Marie.”

    • You should contribute to it if you like it.
      I would say that I see nothing in that song that is close to my poem. I just read the lyrics.
      My poem is about reincarnation and meeting someone at the same spot where we had been before.

      • I read the “blood” in the woods as some tragic act that had occurred in the past, shadowing the lovers walk in the woods. I did not comprehend that it was a reincarnation story. The love shared between a couple through the time spent together in nature is what I saw. I hope you weren’t offended. I meant it as a compliment. Thanks for forgiving my misread.

      • I am easily offended, that is true. But, this was not offensive. It is in a theme issue about rebirth, so that was missed I guess.
        Thank you for commenting and do send in something for their next theme issue. They are on WordPress.

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