Still in longing our embrace stayed, in dead words,

pressed against field moisture to grow as refused


(Taking our love away from labyrinthine answers on a night blackened heath)


Our tender moments searched in vain after its hold

for hardened by remorse will hope us now own alone


(Soiled and completely thorn the heart in direness is forced to lay)


It is me an unloved grin to reflect:

To life beg


Meagerness have bared weak words against our eyes witness,

glittered in dust´s helplessness, unmoving mirrors: Memories


I have waited, got stuck,

there immovable walls have built life´s game,

ordered the nonyears unwise unlust ended:

To break and bury


Dwelling here


Learned death:

Life infected by its tearing


Have spoken sweetly and touched near the shimmer

And: Dignifiedly hated



love our farewell



Warm up the ground.



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