Wanted a slumber down in the valley
close to almond trees in worthy bloom

Ring the always longed for lyre tones

But, became another

Wished to stand free in dark-green Autumn,
cleansed from all the living years hard grin

To live and die pretty as an Autumn leaf

But, are by mistakes wed

Became rainfall, cold, calling winds,
a brief scent before death,
as schythed nettle,
broken citrus leaves,
Autumn land after night rains

But, can undoubtly love

when there is something to love

It wishes to shatter here

between the gravel and the leaf-age

Finding worst love

the One, that can not be found

For me, betrayal is not good enough,
cleanest love violated,
the ruins clothes
or the own wills struggle slaughtered

I am laid opened, one aloned unrotten,
in the apple basket given to the sorrows
I am so strangely hard, so oddly grained,
to be carried away from abandoned mills

Knowing all waving wind-flowers Sun kissed
The beautifully crestfallen, already dulled,
laid there the heart worn almost was enough
and to your refusal never have been missed

I am entangled,
stricken down in quenching pettiness

I am hidden,
with an unreachable cold-hammered need

I am grieved,
filled with all the days nothingness

I am mist raised,
clouded, covered underneath weakened will

I am glowing snow on frozen stock
in memory’s burned down forests

I am incarcerated, left where blemishes are left

I am a still night cloud, uprising scent of leaves,
that never will find the Worlds again

I am my winnings pulled away,
taken and swept in a gulp

Holding the Tree you know holds your leaves
while we break off the branches

I am this.

I am what you never can feel



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