Awaken in the moment mists climb the mountain


Writing three words; Not a word ―

on molten fragile leaves the winds have thrown around


I hasten there, up to, close to almond trees in its new,

refilling calm and leaving behind tears from a joyous

that will soon trickle me away fast against this world

as missed moments of beauty finds sorrows for days


Eagles and ravens follow through the valley glen

home to how Wind caresses the clouds slightly ― Home


Here ― over these chamomilestrewn tracks that meanders

on a gathered freodpath far away from the wound’s revilers


Hold me as one always awaited, present and sorely missed,

owning these memories that was worthy to be left alone

and continue to blossom sweetly here, even after my death



Shifting ―

Moving eyes between Light and the afterglow of darkness

The night has torn itself, sending lovewords to the Universe again,

kissing the stars eyes softly, tenderly, without any frailty to remain



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