I am completely finished with my social experiments many moons ago. Sharing living now and then throughout the years with scum of the lowest imaginable order really takes a big bite on the nerves. The handpicked study material is of no real interest. Still I had to do it. Knowing fully well how “Western society” is governed and controlled with a retarded and filthy consensus that so many follow as a law… This “Western society”, or rather Anti-Western society”, is of course spread over all continents in this world with the same results in degeneration. Nobody is more sad and upset with this tragic comedy occuring around us all than me, for reasons you will know fully some day. I am really looking forward to the coming of the New Age, or New Time, as I prefer to call it.

It would be to simplify matters just to  say, as some of us do privately, that the world now  mainly is inherited with  “nerds and whores”. (Actually, I consider it insulting to all the nice nerds and the poor forced into prostitution by our foes; that are being on a higher level than what I am witnessing here and there.) We have to look at the reasons for this, the controlling behind the scenes of this perverted and retarded state of the world today. The War of all Wars.

The unaware of realities live trapped in this illusion of “normality”. It is more warped and set under control by higher, or actually lower beings, then it “normally” gets credited for. Even the majority understand that society really IS controlled, but rarely see the obvious in that they who are currently in control of most aspects in society are to blame, meanwhile pointing their filthy fingers in wrong direction, just like they are told to do…

On the low-life level there is much to be said. Retarded scum is seen as normality to copy. All high values are twisted and The Gods are said to be of the past and of no interest if there is fake religions and other mind control, junk like pop-culture and other insane stupidity to consume, etc. You have heard all this before. Add on the higher level to this and you might wake up.

It not only bores me to tears to witness this ongoing human degeneration that naturally, as always, is naming itself progression and freedom of will. This society is a complete tragedy, chained in controlled consensus. There is no “free will” for these fooled and naive “living” in their worthless scum life without any knowledge and honour. 

We witness a world being raped in front of our eyes. The attacks with brainwash aimed at women to pervert humanity as a whole and make everything into a subhuman state, through the support of controlled politics and their media, is especially haunting. Not forgetting to mention the additional actually placed and forced rapes by “spirits” all in the name of normality and free will.

It was all just about making money? Not at all. It had to do with pre-preparing another giant mass murder,  just in time before The Gods bring a New Time to rise again. 




    • OK… Surt, or Jehova as garbage people call him, is the lowest order of scum that you think will survive this war that should never have been, but is most clearly around us? No, that parasite guy will be killed.

  1. Truth hurts and your words hit me hard. I have long preached to those close to me about the dangers of the commercial, fake world we live in and am smiled on or nodded at as though I am an elderly out of fashion aunt. At 55 years of age I have come through some tough brutal times, had to grow up fast, often retreated into my own shell but stayed sane and independent throughout seeing how others were bowing to media pressure and so losing the real meaning of themselves. Yes I get all of what you write about and I admire your honest words. I will follow with delight and hope you can put up with my meandering answers to your post.

  2. Man is a bad animal. I am not a pessimist, but it’s true. Our fellow non-human animals are much more admirable and non-greedy. The rule of nature, “take only what you need” is not heeded by us humans, unfortunately, and it has sown great misery.

  3. Calling people “scum” doesn’t help anything. If you really want people to receive your message, you have to refrain from talking down to them, go to their level, and bring them with you. Notice how I didn’t say, “…go down to their level.” There is no up or down or higher or lower levels. Everyone is simply on different parts of the journey. Those who are near the finish line can look back at those who are still beginning or are in the middle and say, “Look at how far back they are from me,” but that doesn’t help them come any farther. People go at their own pace. Let them be. That’s their free will.

    But part of free will is a person’s right to give away their free will. However, if you’re trying to force something onto them, by making them feel shame or guilt, then you are not respecting their free will. Everyone is here, in life, to learn what they are here to learn. They choose what they choose because it will lead them to learning something. Some learn faster, some learn slower, but everyone learns eventually. So if you have an opportunity to help, then help. If not, then let it be; and try to keep a positive attitude about the things you witness. Passing on a frown only promotes misery. Passing on a smile can brighten someone’s day, even if for but a single moment along the journey.

    • At least you reacted. I call people that act as scum for scum. I have all respect for a real free will, and I understand that free will is something that can only come from knowledge about the Gods.
      This has nothing to do with what you are referring to. You talk about people as they have a free will to choose what they are force-fed and that means brainwashed to consume and become. Life is not about a journey or some kind of pleasant trip to partake in..
      Well, you gave away your free will, and everything that would entitle a real life for your soul to become nothing and you want a smiley. Go look for that somewhere else.

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