I have this new collection of poetry to be published that I have dragged on for years now. It is far from my top-priority and I tend to get lazy and not finding creativity worthwhile anymore. Any ambitions with my poetry that I had in the past is long gone. So, I picked this photo. I might have some better photos, but my name on top and the title under seem to fit in well on this. Is it good enough or to grainy?



14 thoughts on “NEW BOOK COVER?

    • Thank you for commenting. It was so hard to finally pick a photo that would be apt. I wanted more of a Scandinavian and slightly mysterious feel to the cover. Sadly I have not been able to get anything good enough of that sort. Anyway, I am more concerned about the quality of the actual photo. Maybe the graining is a quality in itself?

      • No problem. 🙂

        Oh, and about the grain, I think it adds to the aesthetic. I’m the type of person who sees beauty in imperfection, so a little grain isn’t a bad thing.

      • All my photos are taken with mobile phone cameras. It is a bit limiting and at times it is frustrating to not get the clarity you actually see and want. Well, I would not like me to walk around with a big camera around my neck and be lumped into the category of… Well, let us just say that I prefer to be invisible…

    • It represents a period in my life when I was in Delphi for the Winter, two years ago, living there for the fifth Winter in five years. The almond flowers and the added mirroring with some water was my main interest in photography. I also had the title that I wanted; In clarity – mist.
      It still is waiting to be written in some parts. A third of it is published on ´this blog already. I am, Winterfelled and In yet another Autumnfall are some of the titles.

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