Early, right before the day notices me again

comes the first wound driven from the earth

and speaks coldly, in chilled, lightbroken waters:


I am wind extinguished light,

dearest sorrowfriend you have met,

those left traces in the marsch


The second wound, around self-defence cast,

overnourished this Universe hopeless coldstricken embrace

and have soon used up all my vunerability,

reached in to Time and awake constantly bent:


Sorrow have played too long on its own board

with Life laid up as being a fickled nothing

(Hidden events fully rooted in advance

handing here Fate itself as fully written)


Final peel of pity scraped down

A cold grip soon to been turned right



There, over hushed dusk

and trembling candle flickering

risen as a shimmering: Clarity;

Home to the last wound



22 thoughts on “THE THIRD WOUND

    • Vielen dank. You have a new blog. I read a bit on the last one you had. Remember you posted on one of my blogs The Solstice Well? Anyway, thanks for finding my temporary translation nice. If you want articles on your collective blog I might just be up for it.

  1. Early, before the day notices

    comes the first wound driven from the earth.

    It speaks coldly, in chilled, light-broken waters:

    I am wind-extinguished,

    the dearest sorrow-friend you meet,

    who left traces in the marsh.

    The second wound around self-defense casts

    an over-nourished hopelessness,

    and I will have soon used up all my vulnerability.

    Sorrow has played too long alone.

    Life lay as being a fickle nothing.

    (Hidden events fully rooted in advance

    hand Fate itself.)

    Final peel of pity scraped, as a

    Cold grip soon to turn.

    There, over hushed dusk

    and trembling candles,

    rises a shimmering — this clarity as

    Home to the last wound.

    • The nerve… I will be the first to admit that my poem could be bettered… Thanks a big million for your input. This is a translation from Swedish to English so I cannot really change much, or alter the meanings. Like for example earth meaning soil, not the Earth etc. I knew someone should react to this, with words like sorrowfriend, and smile at it. I give that… Or as an old punkrock song goes: I will sing as I want to.
      Anyhow its a cool cover version…

      • I feel like I didn’t insult you. But, you did allude to my having nerve. I don’t know that your poem was made better by my swallowing it. It is just that is how I wanted it. If it wasn’t beautiful in the first place, I wouldn’t have taken it. I could never speak your language and so you are marvelous. Great poet and photographer. I have the same inclinations, less of course the “greatness.”

      • I am reading your blog right now. I find it cool that you are doing a fanzine. Much cooler than doing a book.
        No, I just smiled when I read your version. Some years ago I would have been upset. I stopped caring some years ago…
        Sad thing is that I really should be and could be a great poet and photographer, but today I frankly are not really there. My friends always called me an underachiever.

      • But, not the greatest. Am I?
        Seriously, I see that we have sort of the same view on aesthetics. I just feel bitter and phlegmatic since many moons ago. Any encouragement just passes me by. Anyway, thanks a very large million for your positive opinion.

      • Thought provoking – as always. 🙂 You know what you mean but everyone else is left guessing. I am happy with that. I want to be challenged and I want people to think. Over-routinised thinking is how our thoughts are manipulated. Creatives can cut through all that and let the light of day in. Your stunning photography helps reconnect to the world – in part human failure is because we have lost that connection. We have lost connection to our soul as well. Without these we are weak against evil destroying the world, and us. Many thanks for permission – and I wish you the best for the coming year.

      • Well said. I know the slightly ambiguous meaning in my writing, why say one thing when I can say at least three at the same time?
        Most people miss that I am actually doing something new here and there. It is the way I see things when I write and take photos. (Even though the theme and the object, the ideas for the most part have been around before.)
        Next year will be my last. Will anyone see me?

      • The internet has enabled perspectives outside standard media – a potential renaissance in thought and creativity . Often “new” is rediscovery of old that we have forgotten or been brainwashed to disregard. When we stop changing/adapting our lives diminish. Creativity is essential. The meaning of life? Big question, many answers .

      • I hear you. I also see that you have a small problem with anything that might bravely dare to present itself as new. Which is a very common reaction. If nothing is new and everything have been done before in our great ancient past then what is the point of any creativity? “In ancient times they had computers and was visiting other planets, just with their brainpower. They were superior in all aspects and could read minds and was pure and beautiful.” Well, this is mostly true. Simply because The Gods walked this planet from time to time. But, is nothing really new? When did something really new last present itself on this planet?

      • I apologise. I expressed myself unclearly. I don’t have a problem with new, and I did not mean to imply that what you were doing is not new. In fact everything is new, even what is repeated. The function of creativity is to lift us out of the rut of routine thinking and see new angles on situations – to see the world anew. The most creative people give that lift and widen our perceptions – demonstrated so competently in your work.

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