1. Beautiful photo…Congratulations..and greetings from Athens with….



    If we two
    loved each other for one whole day
    the next morning
    we would awaken with the thought
    that employing the same dynamism
    we would be able to love all year round.

    Since we two
    would love the whole year round
    like a clear horizon would hover
    before us the idea
    that in contrast to the paleness
    of the light of eyes
    our love would be always brighter and brighter
    for the entire century.

    And if we two
    could manage such a miracle
    light and guileless as all speeds are
    we would race along in the thought
    that we might well love
    for all the Centuries.

    This final thought,however,
    would be quite burdensome..
    and severely punished
    the Gods of Olympus with supreme charge
    ” For giving humanity the secret
    of Happiness”
    and under the weight of her blind
    may die.

    Translation by

  2. I think you need a translator that is a poet and can give you more “flow” in the poem. Anyway, interesting to read. The Gods would wish to keep “Happiness” a secret? Sometimes poetry itself wish to write something that is not true. Let us fight that.

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