I have returned to this dumb “water mirroring” for a while. Being understimulated, I do need your clever comments, so just give in and complain to me… (I know you want to. I need it.) Complain about whatever you like. I want it.



  1. I can’t resist when someone asks for a comment….really…can’t. If you count down from the top #7 captures a win for me. First, without fully thinking about this mirroring in ice thing (I’ve become familiar with painting reflections on water, but not ice…yet), of course, the most important part of the picture is making your eye move from corner to corner, drinking in all that it has to say. #7 does this for me. I think because less is more in this case. It’s harder to figure out (without giving away that the fact that most of the picture is reflection) what those things are in the sky that are casting shadows….they are grounded to the earth. It appears to be surreal. It makes you want to stick around for a while and figure this thing out! When less is more – some of the pieces are consumed by a strong texture witch overpowers the composition as a whole, while others are so subtle that it appears to be a slightly impressionistic painting. AND this is where I find photography hard work…..in painting all I have to do is put a brush on the canvas……you have to wander, wait, compose, etc.!

    • Interesting comment. First a huge thank you for leaving lots of words to ponder. Second I find photography to be just the lazy thing, just snap a shot when you see a motive. Painting on the other hand… Oil is messy and takes forever to dry, and really hard to get…pretty. And so on… So I completely disagree on your thoughts on painting, in my case, but good on you!

      I had a “comment if you have a heart” some while ago, thought it was an interesting twist…

  2. Reflections are always interesting to me and never get old since they twist reality to let you see it and think about it in a new way. It’s like launching into space or wearing an anti-gravity suit or something when the log floats in the sky.

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