Originally published 27/3-13 on:

                              THE GREEK PARLIAMENT

Bought this piggy bank at a flee market. It is privately made and reflects some of the Greeks frustration with finding a cause for their crisis. (I smashed it right after the photosession. So, anyone in the future claiming to own it would be a liar…)

I have heard so many different popular beliefs on who are to blame for the Greek crisis. (Some are just completely insane.) I thought of summarising it all, but it will not do anyone any good. People are never at fault.

And, if you wish to believe that Germany as a nation own anybody anything. Then you are dead wrong.

4 thoughts on “THE GREEK CRISIS

  1. As a Greek living in Greece, I’ve found that the hardest thing for people is to accept responsibility for their own mistakes. It’s always easier when they can blame someone else, hence the myriads of conspiracy theories…

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