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I spent the last two hours with rescuing this puppy I heard screaming for his life. Ran to the situation and saw him on the edge of drowning in a hole filled with water and I pulled him out. Then I walked him back to my apartment and dried him and fed him. He is now returned back with his family. Nobody was here in this very secluded area except me to hear him.

Of course I care for him. And his family. Now they are outside my door and eating some catfood… Yeah, I also feed the local homeless cats a bit, and they all want to come in and stay here, I guess. It most probably beats living outside and covering themselves with dry leaves to keep warm and depending on what food they can find in the garbage. 

It all raises many questions for me. I just live here very temporary and these dogs got to be tough in their life, if nobody will take care of them. I just saved a life and if I was a little kid this would be local frontpage news… (In a small town that is, like this one.)

What life did I bring this cute puppy back into? Am I evil?

This little puppy loves just about everyone and almost everything. It is grateful to have saved a being that is still good. That is all I need to know. I would do that rescue again and again if I had to. 




20 thoughts on “PUPPY RESCUED

    • I sense some irony here… The question raised here is more of a philosophical one. I have bigger things in life if I wanted to portray myself as “awesome”. Believe it or not…

  1. I hope your heart stays huge enough to keep loving, feeling, rescusing, feeding. We can’t save them all, but you show puppy, at least once, that someone cares. Whatever else follows, you cared.

      • hmmmm such is the duality of the nature of men…I suppose:(
        Well, I remember this quote from Tolkien’s writing. I think it was Sam who said, ““That there’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo… and it’s worth fighting for.”

  2. So glad you didn’t walk away.

    I have seven puppies here just now and another lot on the way.

    Street dogs are a huge problem in this Country and the tiniest little bit of kindest means they want to stay with you. Of course they do – they all have heaps of love to give.

  3. We have a wood pigeon – it was at my gate one evening. Cats would be out soon, foxes; it could not fly because it was too young. That was a month ago, I have been feeding her ever since.
    By doing this she is missing her time to practice flying, learning to look for food, how to mix with other birds.
    What should I have done?
    My conscience is clear – I did what I could. We do not know what will happen next – we can surmise, guess, have a good idea of probabilities, but we do not really know.
    What we do now matters also.
    You did right.

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