Originally posted 23/5-13 on: FINDING LOST PRIDE

I lived in “Delphi” for long periods spread out over five years. A five year plan? Not really. Even though the rise of Delphi is part of the very core of the New Time there is nothing of any interest to be found in the temporary settlement seated next to Delphi.

The fact that most of the people there are moved in and that their grandparents lived in the village that was on top of the real Delphi should really give a clear hint that they are far removed from Apollon. This wart of a village poses itself as being Delphi and is filled with foes of the lowest order, having nothing of any value to anyone in Reality. The fact that it is forbidden to build much in this village is a good start. The next step will be demolition. 

Thieving from, I dare to say parasiting on tourists, and even on “themselves”. This is not “Greek behaviour” at all. The minds are infected by the lowest beings imaginable while they blatantly parasite on “their” heritage. I just feel sadness and hate for the time being.




 “Reviving the Delphic ideal.”

Well, today there are a few thousand around in Greece that are somewhat worthy to live. This small percentage should step up and never give any kind of acceptance to the scum that surrounds them. Just rip the scum off. Do whatever with them. They have no rights in this world if they do not follow the Gods.

At the same time there was, and sadly still is for a while, very little use in having a spot where just the Gods and high and truth-filled people can live. It would be destroyed immediately at this point in time. Our foes moved in next to Delphi and made it even lower than the average low normality with their presence. I do know the exact reasons for this, and you will understand it one day… Do not feed these beings with anything. They have been parasites long enough now and if they are not even sane enough to follow the Gods, then, as I have said before and for the obvious reason that they do not own anything here or anywhere in this world. How could they? Trust me on this.

Is that village so separated from Hellas or the rest of the filthy and “worldly world”? Sadly not.



To believe that the pillar of the earth, or the “navel”, was a one meter little ditty, that would mark the centre of the world must be really, really dumb. Also, to believe that the Sibyl made everything up herself by being drugged by fumes from the ground must be even dumber. The list goes on… Why do I care? Why should anyone care?

“O! Just imagine what you like that will fit into your ego, and then call it your own truth.” I refuse to be a retard and so should everyone. Find the real and only Gods and find that everything Else is a killing joke.


3 thoughts on “FINDING DELPHI

  1. Hi, thanks for the follow, I enjoyed reading your translations. They read different and make me want to read your poems once again. Your imagery is beautiful even if i don’t always get the syntax. Will be visiting again. Regards

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