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This question struck me when I was walking up a mountain road seeing this man sitting by his rusted car having his lunch. He had brought with him an old white plastic table, a nice wooden chair, and a good mood to greet the occasional passer-by. This brought back memories from thirty years back when there actually existed some cool people. Normally the cool people would be middle-aged or older, they would have had some real life experiences, had travelled around when the world still was more interesting and cool, dressed as they liked and it seemed like they were on top of everything in their surroundings. They lived without ever putting other people down. In general sporting a beard and perhaps smoking a pipe, always staying cool and calm. (On the other side of the spectrum were the village idiots and jocks.) If there was a person like this in a neighborhood, then everyone would smile just when they came close to that district. Just in a hope to see him. The cool person personified the neighborhood, and in some cases the whole town. An ideal that many youngsters wished they would one day could be a bit like.

Today, there is no cool left. Most are just too agitated and stressed. The conformity to the egoistical and filthy mainstream is ridiculous. They all walk and talk the same everywhere, heading, or rather bending, downwards one sickening and completely worthless conformity “culture” meanwhile they dare to call it “multi-cultural”. You make me puke.

The worthless consensus over individualism is practiced stronger than ever before. As in the case with democracy, it is mere words used for hiding extremely evil deeds. What a brain-dead joke this society is at the moment. Anyhow, the cool are probably extinct. I have not seen one in at least twenty years. What I have seen are those that wish to be cool and they all fail miserably. It is lost for them in the same second they try. I have been called “cool” many times in my life, but today I can assure you that there is not much of that cool left in me. I truly am filled with hate and stress. For very real reasons I might add.

I will never understand people that walk around accepting their own society as something that just is there and can never be changed. Or, I actually do understand them, they are trained to care for themselves as if they all mentally live secluded on a mountain top. That is a mountain top where there is heavy traffic, screaming sounds, zero valuable knowledge and a life making memories of no value, without any time to reflect or think about change or becoming themselves. What the people in our society are today versus what they could and actually should be is the question to answer.

(I planned on having a photo here of a mass of people walking with their silly brand clothes and thinking the same clueless things about life that aired on TV yesterday. But, that wouldn’t be cool to show…)

                                                        NOT COOL.


11 thoughts on “WHERE ARE THE COOL PEOPLE?

  1. i truly dig what you’re saying over here , butt what is a cool person ? if i die the putt me on ice now thats a real cool dude , i stepped out of the rat-race the called society ,i hate crowds ,love nature ,some call me a bush crazy woods hippie , i don’t care i got no job and probably will get none anymore because i am too expensive and old ,photography and survival are my hobbies, is that cool ??? have a good day sir 🙂

    • Well, this article is more a reaction to the mass of people who wish to see themselves as cool and are in fact brainwashed geeks. That you react to this article would imply that you are so geeky that you wish to see yourself as cool, but I am just guessing here…
      Have a cool day.

  2. “Worthless consensus over individualism” puts me in mind of a certain ‘Hipster-y’ group of people. I like what you’re saying here. The cool should be left ambiguous, it’s an essence of something lost? To you it may be ‘cool’, another person might say ‘personal integrity’. COOL read.

  3. I liked reading your post and I agree with you. It is possible to understand why this happens and what we can do about it. I found a lot of answers 🙂 if you are interested, let me know and sent me an e-mail!

    • It is all just a question about definition of a word and the behaviour attached to it. No big deal. If you have secret answers I might send you a mail… Otherwise you can just tell me here. Thank you for reading.

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