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I am extremely pro-psychiatry. But, not in the state it is in today. Consequently, pro-psychiatry today really is spelled out as anti-psychiatry.

In a society that truly is complety warped, where only the really sick can be able to function without any real problems and real emotions and then dare to call themselves “normal”, there is a bigger problem than most now wish to imagine. I am well aware of that there is good standing ground for a few psychiatric diagnoses and that psychiatry still is in its infancy, but…

Several years ago I spent a better part of a year studying psychiatry closely and I wrote some articles that I will have to keep to myself. How tiring it was to look into and witness the hopelessness inside this “science” that never have cured anyone. The cure? Anyway, granted be that if you are born with a defect mind then it can never really be “fixed”. So, we have to follow that theory then, and follow all the new scientific reports that change every year like clockwork in a book of contemporary lies. Society is never at fault… and can never admit any guilt for building a system that is actually against a healthy society.

1. There is need for more seperation. There should be one psychiatry that takes care of the people with “hereditary disorders” and one called something other than psychiatry that takes care of what this twisted society actually brings forth in the shape and form of “disorders”. The same seperation should and could be made in prisons. Obviously it is not a good idea to have young people coming in and being trained to be criminal and build a network. Normally I am against “seperation”, especially in this “science” where interdisciplinary attempts at knowledge really is sorely needed.

2. It is all a “lose-lose situation”. The psychiatrist have to claim his identity, his “knowledge” and “authority” above the patient and to the politics in society that he serves to. The main problem is that we have psychiatrists that have to act as they are really clever and can read minds and see through face values etc. In most psychiatrists minds there is a need to judge and to feel that they are in control. Just like all other small people today. This immature need to feel respected for no apparent reason is especially prevalent here and thus they will have to find narcissism everywhere, they will find faults and wrongs in everything said and done. Especially we who are imbecilic enough to dare question psychiatrists fantasies and joke about it are simply the worst. The exaggerated self-esteem problems within any of these authorative groups, be it police, politicians, military, discophiles…  Well, surely there are a few individuals inside this line of work that have a need to feel that they have control over other people.  Classification, or labelling if you wish, maybe works well in music where you can say that this sounds like this and that label we made up before. This is something different we are looking at here, it is not as easily determinable as perhaps cancer or a common cold would be.

There is no authority to be found in psychiatry yet, and I for one wish it one day to become authoritative. The many stories of psychiatrist using their influence to hurt “patients” that they dislike for some reason, is just “the tip of the iceberg”. Crimes are commited every living moment. Fabrication means nothing in these circles and they will cover their tracks. And in the now, these psychiatrists will guard their own sect by repeating “information” from journals about people and follow the latest trends. As I do right now, complaining about their work, is of course narcissistic and reveals… that I would have some kind of “disorder”. Well, if you give anyone five minutes of time and your eyes are quick to judge everything as negative and beneath you, that might be where the issue really is.

Or, maybe most people are just not capable of understanding other people. Seeing that they rarely can make any claim to understand themselves. The great pretenders roam the society and are clueless, still laughing at ten or five years ago when they believed this and that… Homosexuality was voted out as being a mental health diagnose. It should not be treated any different than schizophrenia or cerebral pares if we are looking at real disorders and not what controlled media brainwashes people to behave like. The real mental health issues are forced under a “taboo”. I care about these controlled trends and fashions in society. Especially the deadly ones. It is not amusing at all that their sect language is used to protect the fact that they really know nothing about the mind and how it functions. Anyone that are dumb enough to believe that what is presented as new science every year, that it would change an absolute truth that we all have to learn and live by until the next current truth appears must truly be pitied. “Scientists” must produce results with their research or they have no income, so most of it is made up and second guessings back and forth. The majority of these people are not worthy to be psychiatrists and should never been able to graduate and swear their oath to Apollon, in a healthy and real society. 

3. I have to make the claim that in the current state of life as it is, there is so much knowledge missing that have to be placed right for anything at all to work in accordance with reality. When a more enlightened society will arise again and we can really care for life just in time  before we get served more depressing crap from “our society” where everything can be called upon as “disorders”, then and there we might encounter something worthwhile to be found in humanity again.

Also try to remember the insane lie that: “All people have a diagnose”. We are all completely warped and that is normality sold everywhere as a catchphrase. Fashion comes in so many shapes and forms these days that any truth is non-existant, this in a world where most are trained to not care at all… No wonder that so many seek a diagnose for their identity to feed off and give blame to. Grow up. All of you.



The photo? It is a shoe attached to a “woman” that I saw picking her nose while we were waiting to cross a street. She had a t-shirt that said: I like flowers my favorite are roses. She is completely normal and have nothing to do with psychiatry.


I have slow days with my own creativity right now. Tomorrow should be today… 

Found these brains humouring. I would add and take away a bit, but in the whole it has my approval. (The FREE PLUTO! EQUAL GRAVITY FOR ALL PLANETS! T-shirt is pretty funny. I want one.)







INTERNATIONAL INTELLIGENCE                                                   BROKEN MINDS

I just did my first meme… Sic. Named it: BROKEN MINDS. It is funny in a way, as it is so not me to do one, but I did it in my style. So… Anyhow and anyway, I make a “social commentary” in this one and round up this world as it is for the current majority in this meme. And, most probably it would have to be added what I refer to… exactly. Well, give me a comment and I can enjoy what you think I think. (I like to regress a little now and then. Makes life more adorable… Pink and fluffy. I might set a new trend here and now! Or not.)



How embarrassing you have become

Your scent in the madhouse nearness
sings its sorrows without good intentions

What wisdom have can not be used,
for what wisdom lacks is asked for here

From the remains think yourself clean
and take the heart freed from words,

for the thoughts upon your path

where no one wish for to wander

crawl in the ground

where nothing can grow

and carves ruins of the years

to a paltry’s salary,

on knee shadowlike

in self-effacing moaning


Clean tears fall only in words,
consolidated under vanities shelter
where they have loved with barbwire and mockery

to great joy for the words tragic hand outs


Words to the sting, for the lust and happiness,
to wishing wells completions,
made to participated, present answers
Near the Altar of Fate nailed to remain.

Most alike the believed picture of you is hailed,
or crawl down to the backlash of opposing reaction
thus becoming its own conclusions executioner;
slanderer, and eventually the own wills whore
therein flesh desecrated thoughts sorts,
harrows, with its ridiculous, unpalatable qualms,
hailing spilling, unseating rights,
while monarchy and democracy lay stupidity

on a intrigued and forged slaughter table

under imitation, unwanted shiny residues,

showing the highest highs devised murder


Spring water in swamps will swamp water be.